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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting On : Faith

Love letter to all CM and FM

from DarkAngel - Sunday, December 07, 2003
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The in-betweens coming over to this board

Well, I believe that Berg probably started on the right foot, although according to his daughter he was kicked out of his previous church not so much for standing up for the truth but mainly due to his sexual problems, so even then was he really on the right foot???

Let's give him the benefit of doubt for this one. But anyway the Lord used him to teach the Word to lots of young drug addicts and poor lost souls such as myself and many others, as you know even the devil has to be right sometimes if he wants to get some crowd to follow him, the problem is that after awhile we just followed Berg's weird doctrines and so called "revelations" without really checking what the Bible had to say about it.

Today it's clear to me after more studies of the word and of some of James Pen and other Christianís writings about these subjects, that over-drinking, sexual deviations, ungrounded-in-word prophecies are not light playgrounds and lead to such group such as the Fam. I also think Berg was full of pride from the beginning and Maria was also shooting for the top position in the Fam. structure, otherwise she would have put a stop to some of Berg's actions or would have also left as she was privy to a lot more stuff than us little folks knew about, so she is really thick in the plot.

You can also see the lack of love in the Fam. by the decisions and harshness that were put on the main body of the Fam. by a few of the elite members. I also myself wondered many times how the leaders were chosen and to this day I have big questions concerning the Fam. leaders spiritual integrity. Why keep pushing some hurtful doctrines on kids and adults alike when it leads to persecution for young people and basically is not really helping to preach the gospel, but on the contrary destroying the work of God? As the verse goes "for an occasion of the flesh destroy not the work of the Lord."

So many years of this kind of leadership not taking suggestions from it's own members, or not correcting their so called "prophet". I think even Joel tried way back to tell Berg that he couldn't be that prophet talked about in Ezekiel, all the scriptures point to Jesus; but Berg couldn't not listen to anyone. Thatís been his problem basically from the beginning, so he surrounded himself with a bunch of man pleasers and butt kissers; therefore today's Fam. structure is incapable of apologizing from the heart, repeatedly lying to protect their own necks. Not to mention the general infiltration in the Fam. doctrines of destructive and simply demonic teachings like "masturbation to Jesus" and sexual activities with youngest members and so forth...I almost forgot the praise Zerby and Praise Kelly type of GN that were also constantly thrown at us, I wondered about what happened to the Biblical counsel of not letting your own mouth praise you or not even searching for such man worshipping situations.

When you know that all Gnís are approved and directed straight from Berg, Zerby or Kelly and a few others it makes you wonder about their spirituality. I believe the Fam. will destroy itself if you give it enough rope, I just hope that the youngest generation will be able to pull some money and compensation before the guilty leaders are sent to jail. There are also some sincere people in the Fam, probably sincerely lost, mistaking Jesus and Fam. to be one close unit. Thatís the danger of letting some so-called religious leaders translate and regurgitate the Bible for you. Maybe masturbating to Jesus, following some old stubborn drunk and the evil witch is ok for some folks, according to their faith be it done unto them, but when you see the fruits in their life and the life of the kids, it doesn't take a spiritual genius to know that the Fam. is dangerous and destructive, nothing with the real life of a Christian living in the light and being free. Fam. leaders rule by fear and terror, contrary to what they preach, and demand a slave life from their followers, not really trusting their followers to have a private link with the Holy Spirit and to discern for themselves according to their own faith.

Thus the big fear nowadays for CM and FM alike to freely talk about controversial issues on web sites and other means of communication. If you think about it, itís kind of like they're teaching their followers the ostrich technique of hiding your head in the sand hoping that it will go away. Those poor soldiers, if they can't stand some truth from the opposite camp now, what will it be in the future when things will really get hot?? Fam. members are really weak Christians, actually I'm not really sure they could be qualified as Christians, for the simple fact is that most of them don't even know the basic truth of the Bible, but only Berg and Zerby's interpretations of the Bible.

So to conclude this topic, you could look at the Fam. two ways, nothing is ever totally black or white. I personally choose to use what I think is usable, and eschew the evil. I wouldnít be able to be in the Fam. today knowing what I know; it wouldn't be according to my faith. I'm pretty much against most of what the Fam. stands for today, of course they look good on the outside but so does the Devil; it's what we call fatal attraction. For some reasons the Lord helped me pull out of that group and I'm just discovering what He has in store for me today. There's no dark clouds over me and really don't think that God want to destroy me for my decision to leave and expose the Fam., on the contrary I feel that I have been blessed since leaving.

I'm free to follow the truth according to my faith and it's a lot of fun, God loves me even more because I follow Him personally and not in a group thats telling me what my faith should be and what Jesus wants me to do. Is it a surprise that the Fam. greatest success now is mainly in countries that were not originally Christian countries? Itís easy to pull one on drug addicts and heathen!!! Easy turf. Since I left He has blessed me financially and spiritually and nothing to do with what the Fam. propaganda Gn's try to brainwash their ranks with. I probably drink less since I left the Fam. I 'm definitely funnier to be around since I left and my kids are getting closer and also happier since we moved out.

I wish and regularly pray that more CM or FM will take the step of faith that it takes to break away from Fam. tight control and experience the real freedom in the spirit where we who love Him are FREE, not condemned or made to fear for our future, of course the future might not be certain and maybe we are living in the endtime, but being in the Fam won't help you or give you some special protection from the Lord, get real. The day you can't pay your tithe you'll be kicked out, the day when you're too old to follow their orders, you'll be kicked out, the day when they don't trust you to bring in enough finances or adhere to their weirdness you'll be kicked out. Then you'll have to face the real world where Jesus will take you back if you still believe in Him after so many years in the Fam. and help you make it according to your faith, but time is ticking, you need to get out of the Fam. and start doing something truthful and honest and lasting for this World then you'll be truly happy. You might even be able to save your own children and help them to discover the real Jesus instead of the Fam. gross fakery and blasphemy.

When you take a look at you can see how Berg and Zerby succeeded in destroying young people's faith and trust. Why not try to be a real Christian, one that doesn't need to hide his true identity or his true beliefs? Try it today, tomorrow might be to late. Or even if not a Christian, why not be free and stand for what you believe OUT of the Fam. so that the Lord can start pouring His fire on the hard core Fam. members, while we stand back and enjoy the show!!!!

I understand that talking about being Christian might not be the most popular topic on this site therefore I posted it in the "Faith" section. Also I'd like to make it clear this message is mainly addressed to CM and FM regularly coming to this site to get their dose of courage to make the final move. Become a Christian to a Christian and a Fam member to a Fam. member so that we can speak the same language.

Merry Christmas to all and my wish for this very special Christmas season is that there would be a great number of Fam member to leave the Fam. and for most top leaders to have the worst fears for their future realized, and maybe that some of them could be arrested and sent to jail. After all, retraining is a good thing, right?

"By the same measure that you meat it shall be measured unto you!"

It's Christmas after all.

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from Sir Rantalot
Monday, December 08, 2003 - 05:43


"It's Christmas after all."

Yes, it's the winter Solstice, a time for pagan celebration, Dionsyian revelry, time for partying in the night of Pan, take wine and strange drugs and honor Horus with your merrymaking! It's time to celebrate the union of the beast with mother earth in a wild, ancient & sacred fertiliy ritual!

May the festivities begin!!
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