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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Chip implants for children

from porceleindoll - Monday, April 29, 2002
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With a background of fierce resistance to anything relating to the Mark of the Beast, I find myself wondering if a chip implant in my kid would be beneficial.

Being a mom I worry that my kids may get lost one day, hurt while out playing, kidnapped or worse. With the recent kidnapping and killing of that little girl in the States, I sometimes wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night, my greatest fear that something will happen to one of my kids on their way home from school. Though we live in a safe and quiet neighborhood, remote from the city, danger is always present.

I thought that an implanted tracking device could be a worry savior for me, I would always know where the kids are, if they didn't come home on time, I could track them quickly, if something did happen to one of them, it wouldn't be that hard to at least locate them.

But then I have the conflict with the whole Mark of the Beast indoctrination. I wonder if doing something like that with my kids would put me on the antichrist side of the fight. I don't know, in my heart I will still believe in Jesus, and if the AC ever does arise as we were taught, I doubt that I would side with him.

Which of course raises the question, how much do I or don't I believe in Christianity and prophecy and all that. That's a whole other issue. But has anyone else thought about this?

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from Auty
Thursday, September 05, 2002 - 22:11

Absolutely. I would chip my daughter (and myself for that matter) just so I could tell the current members that I had the mark of the beast implanted in my forehead! No, not really. But if the option were available I would highly consider it. But it also raises the question of the "Big Brother" and how much you want someone flipping the switch and following you around. A little creepy, sure, but if it would save my daughters life, I would have no problem. As long as it could be removed later on. I have to admit, I keep some of my daughers DNA (bandaids from her hospital visits) just in case something happens to her (god forbid).
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From ********
Friday, September 06, 2002, 02:07

This thread is in The Trailer Park 
from ChrisG
Monday, July 29, 2002 - 16:08

I understand you completely. My husband and I have not moved back to the US yet since leaving, but all the kidnappings seem to have been taking place in CA, which is where we will move to in the future, and they freak me out. I have seem programs about trackers and chips and have decided that I will definitely find something for my little girl when we do move there, as I could never bear something happening with the knowledge that I could have prevented it.

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from dave
Sunday, July 21, 2002 - 21:36

Hi Porceleindoll, I liked your question about microchip implants. You raised a valid point. Aside from basic safety, health and privacy concerns regarding modern technology, (we’ll work those “bugs” out eventually) I think people tend to be overly superstitious. Fear of technology probably dates back further than we know, but I can't help be see religion and in particular Christianity’s resistance stamped all over the issue of human biochip implementation. Privacy and health groups have many valid concerns. What if this technology is harmful or misused? What if people can use it to “track” you and know where you are all the time, etc; but a lot of them forget the fact we’re being tracked already. We all know and accept the fact that every credit card sale, every activated cell phone, IP connection established is known to somebody. The list is huge, from doctor’s records, school records, and driver’s licenses, ID cards. The work place too: ID badges to get in, one form of user authentication after the next just to login and do your job. Somebody knows where you’ve been, where you are and probably where you’re like to go if they’ve analyzed your habits and routines long enough. Sadly, in some countries like here in the United States all this info isn’t shared and linked together as well as it should be. ‘Cause if it were, the September 11 tragedy would never have taken place despite what’s been said by some in politics about how the tragedy “…could not have been prevented”. Rubbish.

Many countries are clearly more advanced than others when it comes to deploying surveillance and monitoring tactics. I remember once in Switzerland, some "uncles" were on a short road trip to “fundraise” for the “home”. As they were crossing the Swiss border into France, they were stopped. The officials told them, that the vehicle they were driving was barred from exiting the country. “Why?” they asked. “Because the insurance payment wasn’t made last month.” Pretty efficient if you ask me. For those of us who’ve been in the UK, that place is wired. CCTV cameras everywhere. It’s a good thing.
To those who would hesitate to embrace certain types of modern technology, I wonder what is there to hide? Are people fearful to just because Bible talks about not being able to buy or sell without the “mark of the Beast or the number of his name”? What does that mean anyway? The apostle John who wrote that stuff had no idea what he was talking about or what it meant.

I just hope that as we continue to embrace new forms of technology, choosing for example, to be implanted with a biochip, religious fanatics don’t start gunning people down like some have sadly done in abortion clinics because of what they think is wrong! I personally can’t wait for the day I can: login to my computer, lock my front door, unlock and start my car, swipe the id card reader going to work, pay my video rental late fees, pick up groceries, pay my bills, by that airline ticket to California, check my bank and credit card account balances, order those books online, remotely check on my kids at school, open the garage door, change TV channels, set the alarms before going to bed… all with the swipe of my right (oh no say the Christians) hand. Obviously, not everything example previously mentioned can or will ever be possible. I exaggerate slightly to bring attention to my interest in technology: convenience. When I was a kid, I used to dream about cassette tapes that would never have to be fast-forwarded or rewound, viola, the CD. Just put in and press play.

If and when I have kids, if my darling agrees, I would want them to be implanted with a biochip. If they get lost, kidnapped or fall ill, info will be available on them and they will be able to be tracked and get the help and attention they need. Not all technology is bad just because it's new.

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From porceleindoll
Sunday, July 21, 2002, 22:17

Thanks Dave for the comments. I have had some panic attacks recently over my kids due to the recent situations in the States of those girls disappearing, 2 of them showing up dead, and the other not yet found, not to mention the little girl who was discovered missing a few months ago in the Florida welfare system.
The chances of your child being the one to be kidnapped or worse is slim, but there is always the possiblity, and my kids stand out in our area as they are half white/half asian, I do fear for them, though they don't go far alone, the walk from school and back is short and our neighborhood is way off the main road, nevertheless, the possibility is always present.

I think that if the technology gets worked out, I would probably opt for a chip tracking implant in my kids, just for safety reasons and to alleviate some of my worries when they are out alone.

What you said about Christians being so opposed to it is true, but all through the ages Christians have been against many things that were new, what about Galileo and his discovery that the Earth is not the center of the universe. Einstein said something along those lines, that religion and science oppose each other, I think he said it was due to fear in the religious sector (I would look it up but my dad is borrowing the book).(reply to this comment
from fsck
Tuesday, May 07, 2002 - 17:07

Why don't you just insert CCTV cameras up our arseholes why you're at it? Oh yeah, put everyone in prison too...just watch the crime rate fall then...
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From Anthony
Monday, July 22, 2002, 03:41

Sounds like a good idea FSCK,that way when you have worms in your intestines you can monitor their activities and eliminate them faster than traditional methods.
Anthony 666(reply to this comment
From porceleindoll
Monday, July 22, 2002, 04:45

Actually, you could do it simply with pumpkin seeds, wormwood and garlic, all expellers of parasites and varmin.(reply to this comment
from Sara S.
Monday, May 06, 2002 - 11:42

I've thought about that whole chip issue. We just got a puppy and the Vet has strongly suggested the chip tracker. I don't personally think that the "AC" has anything to do with this technology. Unless the chip has the numbers we know all too well, then, I would think it's ok!
Doing something like that to protect your child can't be wrong!
I consider myself a Christian, but...if you look at Religion throughout history, every generation of Christians believed that the end of the world was at I can't understand why God wouldn't want you to do your best to protect your children? "The Lord helps those that help themselves"

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from Crista
Friday, May 03, 2002 - 22:53

Brian and I were commenting yesterday that it would be nice to have a low-jack on Nathan.

I've heard that they had something similar for pets, but it obviously didn't go very far.
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