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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Matthew Perfidy

from thixotropic - Saturday, August 02, 2008
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Cult tries to rehab image by cutting loose another paedophile it sponsored and promoted for decades?  Found at:

Finally, TFI acknowledges Matthew's..
By:Glad tidings...
Date: Monday, 21 July 2008, 1:41 pm

..departure. After they apparently couldn't keep the lid on it anymore and after many of their members found out about Matthews departure from outside sources, mainly from this website, their spin machine has gone into action. The last paragraph proves that they read this website very carefully.

So funny how they go through great pains to make sure their members understand that he is still "fully on board" and just didn't want to "hinder WS's progress at the start of the offensive"! Hillarious! He probably didn't give a flying f... about their progress and the offensive.

So, without much further ado, here's how they spin it to their members:

News of Matthew's departure from the Family

Dear Family,

God bless you! Mama and I love you, and have you in our daily prayers. In this notice we want to let you know that, after 35 years of faithful service‚ Matthew, who was in WS for many years and who worked with Mama and me and others in the realm of Family administration, has retired from the Family.

Matthew wrote us at the time of his departure, explaining that he was spiritually spent and didn't feel that he had it in him to keep up with all the changes in the Family, and that rather than risk hindering the progress of WS at the start of the Offensive, he felt that it was better for him to take a different road in his life. He expressed his deep love for Jesus, the Family, his WS co-workers and friends, and everything that the Family stands for.

Matthew has since kept in touch with Mama and me‚ as well as with his loved ones and friends in WS, sending prayer requests and news of how things are going for him. He has stated repeatedly that he will always consider it a great privilege to have served the Lord with the Family for the many years that he did, and that he will continue to witness and remain close to the Family in heart and spirit. He credits the power of prayer for the pleasant places that the Lord has let his lines fall in (Psa.16:6).

Following is a letter that I wrote to him, from Mama and me, after his departure:

Dear Matthew,

God bless you. Thank you for your letter letting us know of your decision to retire from the Family. Please know that Mama and I are praying for you, that we love you‚ and that we respect and understand your decision. You're our friend, and you remain so. You always will.

Matthew‚ you have served the Lord with us for a very long time. We have fought side by side in countless battles and we have won many victories together. You have much to be proud about in your career in the Family. You have helped to get us where we are today through years of faithful service. You've fought long and hard. I believe the Lord will continue to bless you throughout the years, why wouldn't He? He loves you and He knows your heart and your love for Him and the Family. Mama and I know of your love too. You've served honorably, we have been comrades in arms, we won victories together. Our thoughts and remembrances of you are happy and memorable ones.

Please don't be discouraged. Don't feel condemned or that the Lord doesn't love or care for you. You are His, you always will be. I'm sure the Lord will continue to speak to you, to lead and guide you in your life just as He has for all these years. You're still just as much His child, His bride, His friend‚ as you've always been. You're entering into a new phase in your life, and just as you've entered other phases in the past, He's with you just as much.

We're praying for you, Matthew‚ that the Lord will cast your lines in pleasant places. If you need references or recommendations or anything along that line, just let us know. And also, please keep in touch. We don't feel different about you today than we did yesterday. You're part of us and always will be.


Matthew moved from WS in December of last year. At that time Mama and I informed the WS units and the RSs of his decision. We didn't inform the worldwide Family at that time‚ as we wanted him to be able to make the transition into his new life privately and as he felt the Lord wanted him to. We didn't want him to feel burdened about what others' reactions might be‚ particularly in regards to those in the former member community who are negative toward the Family and who we felt would likely respond strongly upon hearing this news, because Matthew was a member of WS for so long. As a courtesy to Matthew, we felt it best to wait to announce this change to the Family until he was settled and had found his footing on the path that he has chosen.

As expected, news of his departure has surfaced on a former member website, and there has been some discussion and conjecture amongst former members as to the reasons for his departure, what his stance might be now regarding the Family, and so forth. If you have received any questions from former members about Matthew, we hope this explanation is a help.

Please pray for Matthew in his new life, for the Lord to continue to bless him and provide all his needs‚ and make him a witness and testimony to his family‚ co-workers, and those he comes in contact with. Mama and I appreciate your prayers for him, and we're sure Matthew does too. We love you!

Peter (for Peter and Mama)

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from on the subject of leaders..
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - 13:09

Len Oakes, a clinician and also a research psychologist, did a survey of 20 charismatic leaders. He had once been in a commune run by such a person and felt he had benefitted, but chose to leave the group when troubled by some changes.

After Oakes left, his former leader self destructed and took the group down with him.

Oakes felt the power of charisma, felt he had benefitted, but also had witnessed, with sorrow and puzzlement the real harm that was done. So he did his research
warmly sympathetic to the humanity of charismatic leaders, the vulneability and deep faith of their followers--and painfully aware of the dangers for all concerned.,18453
Oakes studied the lives and methods of his sample of 20 charismatic leaders and found that they all had some degree of narcissistic personality disorder. They were unable to enjoy intimate relationships with adult equals. Instead, they compensated for this lack by becoming avid students of social manipulation and communication arts--and business/marketing.

Oakes' book is entitled Prophetic Charisma and its well worth reading.

If a charsmatic leader has spent years insulating him or herself with the the help of a selected entourage and large bank account, he or she will probably lose quite a few ordinary social skills (eg patience, the ability to accept differences of opinion, the ability to feel frustrated without exploding and dumping on an underling) and have little incentive to function any other way than as this kind of leader---someone who functions in a drastically unequal power imbalance and who hides the real self behind a public persona and whose emotional needs and flare ups are modulated and managed by an entourage who parent and nurture the guru and cover up for him or her.

The only possiblity for recovery might be some drastic form of hitting bottom and long term residential treatment at a facility where no one can be manipulated or charmed.

A grave pitfall for recovering disciples is to have more care and concern for their leader's healing than for their own well being.

It is safer, especially in the early stages to concentrate on ones own healing and leave the leader to deal with the consequences of his or her chosen lifestyle.

Leaders are powerholders and yet have a remarkable ability to get us to parent them and mourn for them at the expense of ourselves.

The former disciple needs to re-discover that his or her own life and self is worthy of attention, compassion and care. Former disciples have to pay their own rent and do their own shopping, unaided by an entourage of protectors and handlers.

Compassion is just as real when directed toward oneself--it doesnt become real only when devoted to a powerful leader...

IMO These leaders for all their power, are quite good at getting people to worry more about their welfare (which is well taken care of, at least financially), and this drains energy needed to care for one's own welfare.

(reply to this comment)
from HA!
Sunday, August 03, 2008 - 14:47

"If you need references..." HAAAAAAAAAAA ha ha seriously HA

"yeah I was a leader in the notorious child abusing pleasant place cult called the Children of God..."

wasn't he third in command? or is that grant montgomery?

(reply to this comment)
from just creepy
Sunday, August 03, 2008 - 14:31

"You're still just as much His CHILD, His BRIDE, His friend‚ as you've always been " -King Peter Amsterdam

very incestuous god who loves his child as a bride. Sick!
(reply to this comment)
from cheeks
Sunday, August 03, 2008 - 11:41

Who is Matthew I have never heard of him.
(reply to this comment)
From 0f course
Sunday, August 03, 2008, 20:42

Ma cherie, do you think we leaders would have given you the names of our businesspeople?  All we give you are the names you already got from outsiders. Hahahahahaha. Poor littlthe sheepieds, PTL!(reply to this comment
From third in command
Sunday, August 03, 2008, 15:02

Agree/Disagree?) to this comment
from cassy
Sunday, August 03, 2008 - 11:10

Love the new terminology! When it's someone from WS, they 'retire'. I'm going to ask my dad when he plans to 'retire' from the Family too.
(reply to this comment)

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