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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Berg's World View and Views on Women

from jolifam77 - Sunday, March 11, 2007
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In "The Devil Hates Sex," a letter most often cited as evidence of approval of adult-child sexual relations, Berg, through copious blather, provides insights into his world view, specifically how he had obviously come to interpret the elements of the human world past and present to be part of a grandiose scheme ordained by God.

Where he stops is at the question of just why does God want so so many people brought into heaven? Also if love and sex are intertwined, then why does it seem he only elaborates on the evidence of this from the female perspective?
This part made me laugh out loud:

118 He wants to populate heaven with his children! And the faster we can have them right now the better, as far as He's concerned, obviously! (Maria: Are they supposed to get stronger or are they supposed to get weaker?) Well, it's hard work and maybe if they're overworking and overdoing the mother may suffer for it, but at least God's Kingdom prospers and is blessed. So, if she has ten babies and it kills her, well, there are ten more souls for the Kingdom of God! Shocked?
119 (Maria: that's the question our parents have, if they're not going to be able to take care of five children because they're going to be so weak after the fifth one!) Oh blah blah blah blah! I think that's just an excuse! That's a lot of baloney! (Maria: Not really, because you do really worry about your children if you have to take care of them by yourself.)
120 All right, if they're too damn weak to both bear'm [sic]{ and care'm [sic], well, they can have'm [sic]and having performed their service, go to be with the Lord, and the husband can marry a nice strong young woman who's got the health and strength to take care of'm [sic]! (Maria: It's not that simple, you don't just die!) Why not? Death of mothers was quite frequent when I was a kid. It was not at all unusual for a man to have had two or three wives, not because of divorce and remarriage but because of the women having so many children and such hard work that she finally wore out or he wore her out and she died and he married somebody else! Does that shock you?
Yes, it did shock me in a humorous way sort of. Especially seeing how Maria contradicts him at times, and he appears to just continue on in this pattern where, Maria will bring up a point, and he will automatically work the point into his scheme, which goes something roughly like this:
God made the earth, (We don't know why. It could have been part of an experiment he was doing at the time.) and put only two people on the planet. (I assume this was because he wanted things to grow naturally, i.e. to see how fast these two people could multiply until they became 7 billion) There's a bad guy called "the devil" who tries to thwart the grand plan (i.e. the experiment) by brainwashing people against their true nature, which is inherently "good," so that they don't procreate and never reach that critical mass so yearned for by GOD, as summed up here in paragraph 19:
19. If people had had more children, why the world would probably have reached a population state where the lord could have ended it maybe a thousand years ago & He could have come then instead of having to wait 2000 years! But they've been slowing down the sexual process & trying to keep from having children enough to populate the World sufficiently to reach the stage where the Lord wanted it to. (Maria: That's right!) This makes me mad! I'm angry! I'm not so mad at the Devil because he knows what he's doing, but at the Goddamned [sic] stupid idiots who believe him, they're the ones!
Now the part above that made me laugh out loud, shows the dichotomy in Berg's view towards people and woman, on one hand claiming to love them so much, etc., and the other hand referring to them as basically tools stepping stones toward the realization of obtaining a critical mass of humans who have lived and died on this earth. I've always wondered what was Berg's logic regarding the seeming push towards overpopulation. This paragraph explains that somewhat, i.e. that that is the point where Jesus returns and ends it all (i.e. the experiment).
Why God would necessarily want a bunch of humans in the sky or wherever heaven is supposed to, is never really explained, except of course the ubiquitous assumption that it is for his glory, as if God is the only one that is allowed to be an egotistical maniac.
Later Maria, or Karen Zerby or whatever everyone want to call her, presses Berg on the matter of Love and how and whether it's related to Sex. This of course is a question disputed by just about everyone at some point, so it's interesting how Berg seems to struggle with it himself and doesn't quite leave me convinced that Sex is in fact the ultimate realization of Love, despite citing evidence in the animal kingdom of what could be regarded as some form of affection between partners in the interest of nurturing offspring. Of course there's plenty of counter evidence in nature that Berg doesn't address, where if Maria had pointed it out, then perhaps he would have used the same argument on animals as with he did with humans? What, the devil infiltrates the animal kingdom and convinces them to rape and have sex without love, and its all the devil's fault? What's more disturbing is how the act of "flirty fishing" (FFing) is used as evidence of sex being same as love. Frankly, being a man, I don't know what a woman regards as a "loving" interaction at all, because I really don't understand the female mentality and I doubt any man does completely. It is therefore reaching for Berg to cite FFing, an act of prostitution, as evidence of sex being the fulfilment of love. Why? Because he ordered the practice in the first place! It's like telling children to hug a tree, and then using that as evidence the children love trees.
He never elaborates on "love" from the specific perspective of men, for obvious reasons. Basically we men are lustful creatures and we'll fuck any young normal woman if given the opportunity--whether we "love" them or not. Berg knew this, that's why he ignored this fact of male nature. I believe at some level Berg may have been evil, but suppressed it with mountains and mountains of rationalizations and deliberations in an effort to reconcile what his mother and the church had originally taught him about the world, and what he really saw. Therefore, in endless vain struggle he lashes out at everything from the church to the Jews to the devil to the system and the whole fucked up world for not agreeing with his idyllic tableau of the garden of Eden, how things are supposed to be... No doubt he blamed his own evilness on "the devil" as well.
I have my own ideas about the world, but at least I have the conscience not to impose them on others forcefully and then take advantage of the dumb followers, leading to endless cycle of justification-to-new-concept repeatedly, which is basically the way of all cults and social systems to an extent, but with more safeguards.

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from it was deliberate
Sunday, March 11, 2007 - 17:51

Maria would aske the questions she anticipated Family members would have, though many would have trouble articulating them in that totalitarian cult, to give Berg a chance to shut down the thoughts that people would have based on previous worldviews or simply inner conscience. She put on a "good cop" act to make sure they printed and distributed in advance the fact that your questions should not be asked because Berg has answered them in the only permissible way.
(reply to this comment)

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