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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Old Brazil vs. New Brazil - THE WS CEO LATEST STRATEGY

from movingunder - Tuesday, June 10, 2003
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These are my thoughts on what appears to be “Maria’s” latest strategy:

These are my thoughts on what appears to be “Maria’s” strategy:
1.   FEAR. They’re using the excommunication tactic in Brazil as a well planed as “example” to strike fear in the hearts & minds of all family members around the world.
2.   FINANCES. (or financial restructure): They are shutting down the Old Brazilian “bankrupt” company from the 1st of June till November 30th. But have already announced to all employees that they will be opening the New Brazilian company on the first of December. And that while all are welcome to make they’re application – WS is clearly stating that they will be only hiring those employees proven to be a real asset to the new company.
3.   POWER. Needles to say, it is all about gaining more power. The ability to arbitrarily decide “what” and “who” is in your best interest, and not be bog down by “useless” bureaucracy.


For clarity sake I’m adding here “Mama’s” letter that was kindly provide earlier by Jules:

A Shake Up in Brazil
By Mama

Dear Family,

God bless you all! I want to explain to you about some major changes that are taking place within the Brazil Family. You'll probably start hearing bits and pieces soon through the Family verbal "grapevine," if you haven't already. You'll be receiving more information about all of this in upcoming GNs.

For quite some time now Peter and I have known that the Family in Brazil has not been doing well spiritually. In recent years, the Lord has given a fair bit of specific counsel to the South American field, including Brazil, which was delivered personally to them when Peter went on the "Latin Loves" tour in March and April 1999. At that time the Lord gave a lot of specific counsel for them, which we published for them in GNs sent only to the SACRO area, entitled, "To My Latin Loves." Despite the Lord's warnings and correction in those GNs (excerpts of which were printed in the KTV GN series) and countless other warnings and GNs of counsel on similar problems which the Lord has given for the entire Family, the work in Brazil has continued to manifest very serious ongoing problems as a result of many sins, such as disobeying the Word, disunity, pride, compromise, gossip, criticism, rebelliousness, selfishness, ungodly behavior, and others.

The Lord has made it clear that these spiritual sins have caused the Brazilian Family to get seriously off track in many areas of their spiritual lives, and has resulted in the entire field of Brazil being weakened and compromised. Many of their young people, Active members, sheep, contacts, and friends have been stumbled and disillusioned as a result of seeing the widespread compromise, division, and lack of living the Word, the Law of Love, and even the basic Christian sample and testimony that we, as Family members, profess to live. In short, these sins and disobediences have pulled the Brazilian Family off the wall of discipleship.

In order to rectify the very serious state the Brazil Family had gotten into, the Lord showed Peter and me that radical, sweeping changes were needed in Brazil. After much desperate prayer, counsel with the SACRO COs, and hearing from the Lord, our Husband gave His message for the field of Brazil. His message was not one of continued tolerance and encouragement, with just a little bit of direction and guidance. It was one of lowering the boom, applying the rod, administering correction and punishment. The Lord's message to the Family in Brazil is very sobering and strong, and He laid it on my heart to deliver this message to the Family in Brazil personally, via video. The transcript of this message is contained in the GN that you will receive shortly called "Woe!"

Before I made this video for Brazil, delivering God's sobering message of warning to the Family there—wearing red sackcloth, a yoke around my neck, and holding a rod—the Lord showed us that Peter should go to Brazil with a team from our Home (Misty and Joy) to counsel with the COs and to spearhead this revolution and change in Brazil. The Lord gave clear instruction that this mission would be one of correction and judgment, and that there would be consequences meted out to the Family in Brazil as a result of their long-term disobediences. The message was clear: All would not continue as it was!

During Peter and team's six-week stay in Brazil in April and early May, they met with most of the SACRO CO teamwork and were able to counsel and pray further about the work in Brazil. Peter filmed a number of videos while in Brazil, explaining in detail the sins that have permeated the Brazilian work, as well as explaining the resultant punishments and consequences, followed by a prayer of deliverance.

A ten-day meeting was also held during this time, with about 30 representatives from around Brazil, and these attendees viewed the nearly 11 hours of video (both mine and Peter's). Many of these attendees then became the Designated Representatives appointed to show these videos to the rest of the Family in Brazil.

Beginning on May 23rd, simultaneous video showings were held throughout Brazil, enabling the majority of the Brazilian Family to view the videos on the same weekend.

We will be sharing the main thrust of the Lord's message to the Family in Brazil with you in the "Woe!" GN and other GNs that you should receive over the coming months, Lord willing. As I said earlier, there are also consequences for the field of Brazil, and I'm including an outline of them for you below. As you read these punishments, you'll see that the Lord is very serious about the revolution and shake up He's precipitating in Brazil, and I hope this will cause you to pray about what areas of your life you might be falling short in.

Many Family members worldwide are guilty of the sins that the Lord is dealing with the Brazilian Family about, so please pray about this personally. Don't point the finger. Pray for your Family in Brazil, and let the news of the punishment they are undergoing now sober you and make you check your own heart and life, and get right with the Lord.

Below is an outline of the punishments that the Lord has set in place for all Family members in Brazil, lasting six months. (The below excerpts are taken from the printed notice that was sent to the Brazil Family, which is why it is directed to them.)

Due to the Brazilian Family's ongoing disobedience, rebelliousness, and division, in spite of numerous warnings, the following blessings will be withdrawn:

1. All Charter members and Fellow members in Brazil will lose their discipleship status beginning June 1st. This period of probation will continue through November 30th, 2003, after which there will be a nationwide re-evaluation, and it will be determined over the course of several months who will be reinstated to full Family membership and at what classification.

From June 1st until you are notified of your new status (which will be sometime toward the end of 2003 or in the first part of 2004), you who aspire to regain your CM status are to concentrate on being or becoming a disciple of Jesus, as per the instruction in the "Conviction versus Compromise" series and in the Love Charter. You who aspire to regain your FM status must abide by the Statement for Fellow Members.

The only exceptions to this loss of discipleship status will be the COs.

2. During this period the Family in Brazil will forfeit the right to read new publications and to receive other productions from WS, unless such things are directly related to this discipline (such as reading lists, instructions for prayer and fast days, GNs related to your field, etc.).

Beginning June 1st, the CM and FM Family in Brazil will suffer the withdrawal of all WS publications and productions. This means there will be:

  • No GNs and no other adult publications.

  • No children's or teen's publications.

  • No new music CDs.

  • No new books.

  • The new publications and audio sections on the MO site will be blocked.

The one exception to this will be new GP distribution tools.

3. The board structure will no longer be in service in Brazil beginning June 1st. All board members, including VSs, will be dismissed. After November 30th, when the re-evaluation process is completed, the COs will begin to rebuild the board structure with members who have been reinstated as Charter members. Do not expect the board structure to be up and running again before the second quarter of 2004.

4. All Family members in Brazil will retain their right of mobility to change Homes within the country. However, their right of mobility to change countries has been suspended until they have passed through the six months of chastisement, have been re-evaluated and have been reinstated to whatever level of membership they qualify for.

5. You will need to turn in your Home's HER fund.

* * *

Each Family member in Brazil, whether Charter member or Fellow member, will be required to do the following during the period of June 1st to November 30th:

1. Send in a monthly TRF.

2. Tithe: Those wishing to qualify for reinstatement to CM status must tithe their full 14% (that's 10% tithe to WS, plus 1% FAF, and 3% Common Pot gifts); those wishing to qualify for reinstatement to FM status must tithe 10% to WS or $50 minimum if your income is less than $500 US.

3. Fast worldly input for the duration of the chastisement period, from the time you see the videos but not later than June 1st until November 30th. The fast will include the following: movies, TV, alcohol, System music (including instrumentals and Latin music), computer games, novels, Internet browsing (except for business purposes), and parties. (The COs in Brazil will also partake of this fast of worldly input.)

4. Refrain from going on ex-member Web sites, and avoid fellowship with those who talk against the Word, who tear down your faith and weaken you spiritually, whether they be former members, friends, or others.

5. Study any assigned reading lists that will come either from WS or from the COs that reside in Brazil.

6. Have personal prayer of deliverance with your Home members. (The Homes will be responsible to organize a time for all Home members to have this prayer of deliverance. This must happen before the national prayer and fast day.)

7. Make things right with those people you have bitterness and oughts against, and seek forgiveness from those you've hurt, gossiped about, or been a bad sample to, etc. Apologize as needed. This goes for parents to children, teens to parents, older brothers and sisters to younger siblings, adults to young people, young people to adults, FGAs to FGAs, young people to young people, etc.

8. Parents, explain the situation to your JETTs and children.

9. Participate in the national prayer and fast day.

10. Teach your sheep--your contacts, friends, relatives, Active members, or supporters--the Words of David in the form of publications produced by WS. Promote the Activated program. Refrain from teaching material from System Christian books.

11. Actively witness.

12. Comply with any mandatory forms of personal or Home reporting that might be generated by the COs in Brazil.

Those who were previously Charter members or Charter member Homes who wish to return to discipleship as Charter members will be required to:

  • Obey the Love Charter and "Fundamental Family Rules," and strive to be a full-time disciple according to the "Conviction versus Compromise" series.

  • Live the Word Revolution and fulfill the required minimum hours of Word as per the GN "What Is Jesus Worth to You?" (ML #3433)H

  • Hold Home teamwork elections on June 15th, and a vote of confirmation on September 15th.

  • Get right with the Lord regarding any unconfessed sin or Charter infractions.

  • Refrain from having sex with outsiders and those who were Fellow members.

As you can see, dear Family, our brethren in Brazil need our fervent prayers during this time. Please pray that the Lord will be able to use this time of correction and chastisement to turn around the Brazil work and to bring it through this time of purging as finer gold. Our dear Family members in Brazil need a radical turn around and metanoia in their lives in order to reclaim their discipleship, and fulfill what the Lord is asking of them.

The Lord has given wonderful promises of deliverance and hope for each Family member in Brazil if they will do their part--confess, repent, and claim the keys of miraculous change, and then do the hard work of fighting and breaking old habits and allowing the Lord to rewire and remake them. "Nothing is impossible with the power of the keys!"

Peter and I are counting on all of you, dear Family, to uphold your brethren in Brazil in your prayers, and also to get desperate yourselves and seek the Lord about your own personal standard of discipleship and commitment to the Lord and the Family.

With love and desperate prayer,

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from ThinkingDavinci
Friday, November 05, 2004 - 08:28

What ended up happening in the Brazil situation? Did anyone come back to the "New Company" or did they all just leave??
(reply to this comment)
from anovagrrl
Wednesday, August 06, 2003 - 16:35


Issues of money, power & control explain much of the organizational behavior that occurs. Maria wraps her issues with the Brazilian family in a veneer of gawd talk, but the substance is no different than what goes on in state & national government or multinational corporations.
(reply to this comment)

from 001
Sunday, June 15, 2003 - 04:49


Why not?

(reply to this comment)
From Cultinvator
Wednesday, August 06, 2003, 18:25


It's got dramatic value though... Unfortunately at the expense of the captive.

I've got to get crackin with some screenplays about this stuff....

It might be hard to convince the general public of how people fall for this sort of thing. One has to keep a certain line of credibility in a story. But I guess history has a line of blind followers who match the trend.

I wish Bill Maher got ahold of some of this nonsense, I'd sit and watch an hour of comedy on this issue....

The gay ritual of the feet washing, the bending over, I mean kneeling over, to seek repentance (suck cock), the stripping of one's sins and transgressions (all literally actions convenient for getting fucked helplessly in the rear) These guys should all become gay priests.

I mean, really some of my best friends are gay... and obviously I don't mean gay relationships... but really how long did it take for Solomon to figure out who he is? Jonny B, Peter's soft touches, .... kitty cat purrs.

Gosh... Gay gay gay

(reply to this comment

From Cultinvator
Wednesday, August 06, 2003, 18:13


It's funny that they just shot out all these generalisations, no real concrete "misdemeanor" or "situation".

I think this is not uncomon in a religious outfit to basically play the psychic sado-masochist game. Berg was very well versed in the tactics of fear and recompense from his endevours in the media of his day with Ted. That's how movies work... that's how one keeps suspense. It's so gay.... The cloth and the rod, and the sexy figures wooing them back to the "fold". They make full use of dramatics and symbolism showered on for generation, that way when they want something, all that needs to be done is, pull the strings of familiar icons like keys, sacloth, "Woe" and all the cult garb and emotions suddenly burst out with the results they expect. (sorry for living, you were always right, how could we have deviated from your norm, which you seared into our subconcious from years of interpretation the way it appropriately fits our system of tithing and culture of asskissing) No position is fixed, except ours. that's the message given. You can't really count on anything but our games. Your years of service mean nothing except in terms of entertainment figures in our game, and money to keep it running. Did you notice #1 (Continue tithing) Since we're not getting any of the benefits for all those months, should we still be paying your bills? How stupid can they get.(reply to this comment

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