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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting On : The Trailer Park

You gave your daughter VD Eva!

from Black Sheep - Tuesday, December 13, 2005
accessed 3668 times

Eva is telling lies.

I (like many others) was present when she was making strip tease videos. Like the time at the camp on the northern outskirts of Sydney. She spent ages getting ready for. Lots of people saw her there! I am sure the video is out there somewhere! Should be good for a laugh, show how's lying!

She had VD. AND transmitted it to her daughter at birth. Something that medical science has documented and she claims is impossible. There are oodles of web sites about it! But poor Eva has brainwashed herself, her daughter and everyone sad to say into believing it was those bad people!

She sucks people in (like she did me) uses em up and casts them aside.

I would love to get her into court. I'd be living in her house driving her car and spending her money when all's said and done!

Beware what she says!

I would rather poke God in the eye then do or say what she is saying and doing!

If you out there have been abused, go to

You guys are all pussies! I'm pissed!
I hope the Devil can do better for the Battle of Armageddon!
Maybe some of you will be there, no wonder the Devil looses with troops like this!

> From Urafreak cool name...........seems fitting hahahahaha!
> Sunday, December 04, 2005, 03:48
> If anyone would like the adDresses (geez mate where d'ya learn ta spell) and phone numbers of this person and
> its last time I looked I was a he, definitely not an "its".....ffriends (fffffspeectch immpediffment) i would be only too happy to oblige, please oblige apparently they are
> (only a few associated members of TF)well thats what they stated!( type this with ya big toe or what?

When I finally stopped laughing after reading this ....(I was a very, very, long time laughing) my first thought was, "yeah typical hero hiding behind the internet, seen his kind before, gutless and cowardly through and through. I absolutely guarantee that you mister-freak-person would not make a threat like that to my face”.

Then the next thing I thought was more subtle, "please, pretty please mister-freak, send as many as you like around. Because at my house, my sons and I have all represented the state, we are current and former gold, silver and bronze medallists. Seems about the only ones that can beat us are some of the Jap's with their Ju-Jitsu, very impressive they are..... these and many others frequent my home on Saturday afternoons to roll in the dirt. I have a gym in my backyard..... it's lots of fun. Honestly!!! We do it all. Muay-Tai, Karate, Wing-Chung, weapons, you name it. But of late the meat-heads have been complaining (poor things) that the bags are too hard and they are skinning their knuckles. Poor babies are crying for some fresh meat! So please post it high and wide and come one come all. We know how to roll out the welcome mat. Ha! sic!

My next thought was please mister nasty-person-wannabe (oh! I am so scared of you please don't hurt me) send people around. Incitement is a criminal offence no matter what the country. Just do it as I would love to be, living in your house, driving your car and spending your money after a dirt-bag-gun-for-hire-lawyer has taken you to the cleaners. But I suspect that you (unlike me I would just have done it and not made yourself out to anything more than a freak and coward and all talk I bet. I would not be surprised if you beat on girls? Par for the course? How about it?) are all talk. But I really hope you’re not! Either way it makes no difference to me. I need some fun and excitement in my life. Can you help?

I lead such an uneventful life these days. Poor pathetic thing, or should I say antipathetic?

Sigh! But then the moment of madness passed and I was myself again.......sigh.........I'll just pass this on to the authorities and let them deal with you as this has got to be "incitement" and against the law regardless of where you are. (Been pinged lately)

You see I am not in the so-called "Family" and can do and say as I wish.
Let me say it again s-l-o-w- l-y.
I…. am…. not…. in…. the…. Family.
So I stand up for myself against threats from low life scum like you.

I tell you what, come and see me yourself and we shall see if you are the hero you would have others be in your place and I will not go to the cops!

Do we have a deal? YES/NO?

I will even video the encounter so you can't lie about it afterwards!
We can post it on the internet for all your friends to see. Few as they may be.

I can hardly wait.....or maybe I should not hold my breath!
> From mia1
> Saturday, December 03, 2005, 16:19
> I would like to know why you would bunch us all as "close minded twisted
> individuals", most of the people who post here aren't FGA's but rather
> Seconed Generation who have been through some truly terrible things.
> It's typical family mentality to try to distract us with the woes of the
> world while ignoring the cries of their own. Be thankful for the garbage
> we had eat cuz some kids is starving in africa, yeah whatever, I wish I
> had the energy to insult you but since I don't I'll state the following.
> The Family offered a peaceful loving wonderful heavenly place to live
> love and learn. THEY LIED!!! And they still hide behind that lie. They
> refuse to acknowledge that they hurt children with their doctrins and
> beliefs. Nevertheless you Anti-noname still have that mind-set of denial
> so I will waste no further words with you.
Denial is an interesting angle.
Talk to Eva about denial and making videos.
I saw her.
I was there.
She spent ages preparing.
But she is currently re writing history.
Out of all these people here, you are the only one that sounds like a nice person Mia.
Do your parents know you are visiting this hateful site?
I am truly sorry you are holding onto this.
Try and let go, find a nice fella if you don't have one already and raise a bunch of kids the way you think they should be raised . OK?
Turn em into the kind of good people you think will make righteous members of society.
God loves ya girl! You are a winner. Now prove it to all and sundry by moving on.

> From placebo another cool ineffectual pill! Oh geez you guys break me up!
> Saturday, December 03, 2005, 00:27
> (Agree/Disagree?)
> What logic.... should I let the next pickpocket who's trying to nick me
> wallet get away with it on the grounds that there's a cyclone somewhere
> in Arizona?
Just call me windbag the sailor man...................hahahahahaha!
You are good for a laugh man!
Can't wait to party with you!
What’s ya poison “a double placebo on the rocks bartender”! Ha!
> From Detective don't you mean deFective?????
Ha! I crack me up!........hey back at ya man, you should get a new name.......or better still try Sam Spade and put your talents to work and provide some proof for the cops instead of play ground insults.
> Friday, December 02, 2005, 23:46
> (Agree/Disagree?)
> Interesting how the anonymous person who wrote this article registered
> for a screen name the same day this was posted. Seems like they are the
> one with the agenda. I am getting suspicious of the recent new "members"
> (or should I say Family Members) on this site who are spouting so much
> garbage. get ya hand off it Sam......
> Using "Ha!" endlessly, saying things like child abuse never happened,
> stating that Berg was just referring to the evolutionary cycle when he
> said "God made boys and girls capable to have kids when they are 12",
> talking about the evils in the world that we should be focusing on, in
> my opinion, point to this person being a Family member. A piece of
> advice; when you get a new screen name and come back on here try to make
> yourself seem less like a Family member.
> Oh, by the way, got to hell "An Antipathy"; you lying sack of shit.
Yet another hero from behind the safety of the internet.
Bet the little kids at the park are scared of you. Boo!
Actually I think I did pretty good and without the profanity.
An-antipathy it is. I think it's better than "defective" opps detective.
Like to hear what your counsellor says about your childhood!
Hey get together with the other guy and pay us a visit Saturday afternoon some time and maybe we can help your tourettes syndrome*. I know, I have suffered with it for years, that and dyslexia. But I'm pretty KO now. Well almost-maybe my counsellor says! *
But I still I have outbursts at all the wrong f**king times.
Maybe it was all the L.D.S. I did as a kid!
Or unlike you, maybe I was abused and never knew it!

Seriously though my life all changed when I was prayed for by the, guess who, yes those people "The" Family. And by a miracle of God He delivered me. No bulls**t man it was truly a great moment in my life. All the drugs, violence, vice, guns, bikie gangs and crime ended in a heart-beat.
It was really something……I can recommend it…………… sounds like ya need some!
> From xFamily Editor
> Friday, December 02, 2005, 16:38
> (Agree/Disagree?)
> You said, "But to take something like that an skew it and use it to say
> that the Family actually promoted child sex is simply not true. I for
> one never saw it."
> Then obviously, you never saw these:
> or these:
> or this:
> or this:
> ... or are you insinuating that none of those documents promote child
> sex either?

I have multiple web sites too and can say what I please, telling lies like these above if it pleases!
Pretty sick people in my opinion mister ed.

My testimony stands however and that's what hurts you I reckon.
I repeat, I never saw it.
And what’s more to the point I never saw Eva's kids abused.
Eva had VD though!
Did she tell you that mister ed?
Maybe not.
Sleeping around down the Kings Cross.
Did she mention that to you mister ed?
Her filthy hygiene more’s the truth.
What about the abuse from Eva mister ed?
I was one of Eva’s victims but you don’t hear me crying!
I was so glad when her caravan crashed!
Justice I thought for all she put me through!
Now there's denial, just ask Eva.
I bet she "sinks, sinks, sinks" when she’s confronted with that!
Tell Eva to go to the Police mister ed.
Have the court decide if.
Let em decide if the doctors records are factual.
Stop being a horses arse mister ed and tell the whole story not just your "spin" version.
Tell em all about what your champion Eva's murky past was like!

But I have a feeling all you will do is deny it like Eva.

Go on call me blind. See if I miss any sleep.
No one cares about you're bent outta shape, self opinionated, self serving web sites.
As I said above go to the cops if you have A-N-Y proof and let the courts decide.
Don't take a bunch of stuff and MIS quote it.
You mister ed host a site to twist some poor kids mind.
That is all you are capable of.
At least the freak was a coward and hid behind the internet and did not hide behind so called neutrality like you.
Your actions will speak volumes,
Your rhetoric is only good for another beat up in the press.
Do they pay you for your efforts?

Go to the police with the dirt and then we'll see won't we.
Otherwise you are just all talk like the freak.
I actually prefer the following web pages.

All good and no doubt will be removed by your so called fair and unbiased web master (you?)!
Try moving on also, get a life, live it and leave your bitterness behind.
It's good advice!
I left my bitterness about people who hurt me like Eva a long time ago and find it hard to believe Eva and you and others can’t move on as your web site says.

Just move on!

No one but these poor individuals wants to listen to you.

Also (my reading is a little has been a little slack these days) I wanted to read the new laws about sedition.
You know the part about spreading religious intolerance?
Running a web site that promotes threats, violence and murder!!!!!
Just think, a word to the right person might find you behind bars.
If it means anything to you watch yourself mister editor before you fall foul of the law if you haven’t already.
You point the bone at the Family yet are guilty of worse yourself.
Is there a name for that?

Lower than a snakes belly mister editor.

> December 02, 2005, 16:35
> (Agree/Disagree?)
> So that's the view from shit heaven. more tourettes..........try this Pull your head out! You are clearly
> not a very intelegent but I spell intelligent with two l's and an "i" and have a degree in Structural Engineering and am a director of a company so I think I am travelling OK....... person. Perhaps you could get a highschool
> education then try this again. "Misery loves comfort"?
Yep, very true, misery DOES like company, just look at your own misery lifestyle web site.
Speaks volumes.
Let's spread a little misery. As if the world doesn't need more.
Get over it and move on.
If you believe you have been done wrong go to the Police and have em charged.
Put up or shut up.
Your actions will speak louder than your hollow words.

Are you getting paid for this?
Too much if you are!
Maybe the press are feeding from this tirade.

I tell you what! As long as it is not your high skool I will be fine "me thinks"
(thanks bard...."me thinks" touch)

High school education! Ha!

Pull your head out!
Is that your best shot?
You're a bit of disappointment aren't you!
But when one comes on these types of sites it must be expected.
You are not even a worthy adversary are you?
"Pull your head out".
You are weak and ineffectual.
You can't spell or get your facts right.
At least the defective guy (he's hiding behind his comments above) called me names.
Did a half-way defective job at that!

Hey, get another job you are lousy at this one!

> From Lauren
> Friday, December 02, 2005, 16:18
> (Agree/Disagree?)
> The fact that you have the gall to come this website and state, "But to
> take something like that anD skew it and use it to say that the Family
> actually promoted child sex is simply not true. I for one never saw it."
> firmly discounts anything further you may have to say. Says you babe?
I am saddened that you will not be sending me a Christmas card this year!

Perception is reality.
If ya can get ya head around that!
We share different realities.
I saw Eva when she had VD.
The same VD that her daughter ended up with.
I stand by my experience of over 30 years.
What I saw.
If yours is different go to the cops.
Tell em your story and stop your belly aching here with these spineless cowards who feed off you.
Take those who offended you to court.
I for one will cheer you for doing it.
Put the matter to rest and stop feeding these guys.
They are only dragging you down to the gutter.
Your end will only be tragic.
> From neez it that like knees or a dribbling nose without the "s"
...thang gyou vergy mugch.....
> Friday, December 02, 2005, 16:03
> (Agree/Disagree?)
> I dont know what's more pathetic. Someone still in the cult blindly
> defending them, or someone that's left and still feels the need to
> blindly defend them.(
Got me there. Yes I'm pathetic but I prefer antipathetic! Poor creature I am.
But at least I can admit it.
But dogs love me.

I can admit what I am can you admit what you are?
I don’t blindly defend myself.
I sit here and see both sides.
They made mistakes just like you.
They said sorry and moved on.
Unfortunately for you instead of going after the guys that offended you who are no longer around you go after people who have done you no harm.

Why not go to the Police if you have a gripe?

Can I join a cult man?
Pretty please.
I would not know a cult if you fell over one! Ha!

Gee! Blind..........if it was only true.........can I dream about that one?
Hey man, ignorance is bliss!
Have fun with that one...........throw the doggy a bone!

> --
> No virus found in this incoming message.
> Checked by AVG Free Edition.
> Version: 7.1.362 / Virus Database: 267.13.11/191 - Release Date: 2/12/2005
I treated some of the questions with the same contempt with which I was treated.
I came here to tell you and the world about Eva's lies and deception.

I have done you no harm.
Just look how you guys treated me for telling the truth about Eva and my experience.

I came here to tell you that Eva is not all she is making herself out to be.
Just ask the people who are out to get her.
She is always pissin’ people off.
It is the same wherever she goes.
Just wait till she turns on you!

By the way great testimony of a web site.
And you guys point the finger at the Family.
You should clean up you own back yard first before you throw stones from the sidelines.
The thing that I find ironic are the veiled threats.
Funny thing that the best anyone can do when confronted is threaten or repeat the same old same old.

It's a good thing that you guys aren't all investigated by the authorities.
I bet there are a few out there that have incited murder!
Any allegations of you inciting murder mister ed?
What you are doing here is smearing s**t, opps tourettes again, and that's not good karma!
Not good at all.
No. No. No!

Anyway I have a life and need to run.
The threats at least should keep me busy with the feds the next couple of days.
Shouldn't be to hard to track you and your “friends” down mister freak.
Be interesting to see if you are a hero after the feds have marched you off to prison (Crimes Act, Section 85, z, (e), I looked it up) to be the love toy of some sweaty hillbilly! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggh.
Just take plenty of KY jelly!
You'll need it mister freak.

I will keep you all posted.

Thank you all, I have had such fun here.

I think I will tell all my friends as I am sure we can lift the standard of this place.

At least with a “high school” education.

Ya know I think I will post it all over.
Get all the nutters to visit.
Couldn't get any worse!

Try to be good now children,
See you soon if they are fair and publish this!

Well all good I suppose.

An-antipathy!!!!!!!!!!! name that don't ya think?

P.S. Webster's Dictionary says, an antipathy is an "aversion, a repugnance (I like that, repugnance, it sorta rolls off the or distaste, (and my favorite) an object of dislike".
Don't you guys dislike me?
You shouldn't ya know.
But then there is also hate, hatred, horror and loathing.............again all good and not bad for someone who has not had a “high school” education!

Ya know the real funny thing when I told my counsellor about the things said by you guys on this web site? "You all need counselling. You guys need help" Is what he said!
There is some free professional advice for ya's.

Hey Eva!

Check this out

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