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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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from Sir Rantalot - Friday, June 17, 2005
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All design revisions had been approved, management had perfected the configuration, every possible situation and alphanumeric permutation had been predicted, linked to correct chapter in the SOP manual and simplified into symbolic equations of Boolean logic, forever free from subjective interpretation. Operation efficiency would finally be complete, absolute, perfect. Useless redundancy had been eliminated. The chief engineer, restraining himself from trembling excitement, hit the enter key to run for the first time the final version of the all-in-one, automatic management, accounting and planning software. The human staff instantly disintegrated and transmuted into a macro-dimension of pure abstraction. Mathematical Nirvana.

The Chief engineer smiled as he watched the metamorphosis sweep over, cubicle by cubicle, floor by floor of the mammoth office complex. He watched people struggle as their biological identity was ripped from them, and the surrounding reality torn to shreds like a paper napkin, replaced by a clean white backdrop with grid lines outlining spatial coordinates on the newly superimposed white perfection. He had known what would happen once the program was perfected and run. He had sold the direction of the idea of the project, and over seen it from the start. None of the others had foreseen this outcome, “Goddam mercenaries”, he would say himself when he thought of the employees in the engineering and development department. Their were poor fragmented simpletons, who had distinct boundaries between work and private life. They were whores, he thought, shifting from one company to the next, when better pay was offered, they aridly used their trade skills, but had little interest or use in the final product they created.

He was different, he lived and breathed his work, his project, his work was him. He had studied management and organizational engineering, and for fun he had picked up software development in junior high. He meditated long hours on the pi, he worshipped calculus by reciting long mantras composed of linear algorithms, sometimes going for days without food as he performed complex rituals creating and commanding geometrical thoughtforms by the mystery of division by zero, the superimposed these thoughtforms into arrays and bound them there by reciting long 3D functions of complex numbers. He sat perfectly still staring at causal number sequences until they made sense to him. He studied their correspondences by memorizing and cross-referencing ISO specification sacred scriptures, and discovered how to insert mathematical models of his autonomous thought-forms into written code, then spliced them into and melted them with the rest of the code. He would sit and type lines of code in a dazed manic trance, not even knowing whet he was typing, but the next day he would understand it exactly, and he knew exactly what he was doing, and pushed nearer towards his goal until the final day. The goal: razor sharp perfection, the physical and organic world wholly represented by numbers, using macro-geometry and ISO technical drawings to better represent large systems and subsystems, functions, procedures and logical outcomes of interaction between parts and part subgroups.

He didn’t know whether the program would induce a global transmutation or a local one, but he did know that such a distinction would be meaningless to him and those directly involved once the state transition had taken place. Time would be meaningless too, does a mathematical function degrade over time? It would all be an eternal now, an endless continuum of functional transitions. Was he a murderer, or a kidnapper? He knew they wouldn’t even notice the difference. They would continue to exist just in another state, another dimension, liberated from space-time. He had given them all immortality and they didn’t even know it! Organic instability and imperfection reduced to numbers and thus rendered perfect, The Great Work of alchemy completed, 5+6-> 11, common lead transformed into pure gold.

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from roughneck
Friday, June 17, 2005 - 20:04

Great expansion on the t-shirt slogan "go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script" :)

Great article, by the way. Me much likey.

(T-shirt from ThinkGeek)
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From Sir Rantalot
Saturday, June 18, 2005, 08:03

Hehe, I gotta have that t-shirt!(reply to this comment
from ameliaus
Friday, June 17, 2005 - 19:06


A kindred spirit, 70 years old
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