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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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from movedon - Monday, January 24, 2005
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I'm curious to know if anyone has read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' and what they think of it. Is it practical advice? Has anyone tried it? Robert sounds like he'd be a cool dad to have. I know it doens't apply everywhere, how many think it's worth trying?

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from Samtbi
Thursday, May 04, 2006 - 08:31


I've read three of his books and the main point he is trying to get across is for the average joe to take a hard look at your financial habits, make money work for you, study, and have some self-discipline. He does it thru real estate which is what he is interested in I do it thru stocks and ETFs which is what I'm interested in. I've studied for years and still am and now I make an average of $2000 a month passive income.

Strive to aquire Assets, (things that make money even a little) not liablities (things that you have to buy and continue paying for just to use them) a like a cool gas gussling car.
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from night_raver
Tuesday, January 25, 2005 - 09:08


I don't know where to start here, I too was interested in Real Estate, just saying "I'm in real estate" sounds pretty classy doesn't it?

Long story short, my money mgmt habits are a bit better than most, graduated college with 2 degrees & no debt (largely through scholarships, but it's amazing how people with scholarships will still rack up as much credit card debt and student loans as the banks will give them) and bought a house a month ago, less than a yr after graduating.

Had a credit FICO score of just at 700 from paying off a credit card in full on time for 6 yrs so I got a 5.5% FIXED APR on both the primary & second mortgage (no money down requires a 2nd mortgage at both a higher interest and a VARIABLE rate like a credit card). BTW, no money down still means you pay at least $1,500 in closing costs.

Okay, to answer your question, I don't jump into stuff before I've read and one of the best online authors I've read is John T. Reed, read his BS Detection Checklist before buying another "Anyone can make instant millions in Real Estate book" so you buy good books

Now for your author, there's a guru-rating page for about 150 real-estate gurus

click on your author, Robert Kiyosaki, here's his short review:

"I was told I would like this guy. His book was #1 on the Business Week best seller list. Eager to find another guy to recommend, I bought his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in a bookstore and read it. This is one of the all-time worst financial books ever written ! I was so disturbed by it that I wrote an extensive review of it."

and here's that extensive review of Robert Kiyosaki, it's long:

In closing, I am not a real estate agent, broker, lawyer, whatever, just someone who reads and consults with professionals. Buying a home is a good step, but before deciding when, where, how to buy and who to consult, yr finances, taxes, etc, check out this site -- betting my lunch money noone will find a more comprehensive site on the internet

Oh, and heres my house, 3 bed 2 bath brick & all hardwood floors, very shitty website, dont have time to fix -- U all have to tell me what a real-estate guru I am for snagging this

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From Jerseygirl
Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 10:59

I wouldn't know if you're a guru or not but I think the house has potential to be really great once you finish with it. We bought a small fix it for our first time too. Although at first we bought the house only for the pool, I"m actually starting to really enjoy it. Maybe someday I'll move into a mansion (preferably not with a bunch of naked pervs-lol) but for now turning over a profit on what was originally a dump is pretty exciting. Good luck!(reply to this comment

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