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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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I already had three kids and needed something with benifits to pay the bills.

from Cops - Saturday, January 08, 2005
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I don't know if anyone else thought of this, but here's my story. Just before I left the family I did the boat thing for about 6 months. I did alright, and to make a long story short moved to the states another six months later. I already had three kids and my step-dad ( who is also an ex-member) suggested to me what he does, "be a prison guard". Now I know this doesn't sound glammorous, but in the state of California it pays well. California has the largest correctional system in the world. It's way bigger than the US federal. Anyway the job pays 5900 a month after you top out at seven years here's the web site to go to

Well it's an idea if you're already busy and don't have time to go to school. CHP is also a good option. California highway Patrol. Write me if you want details on either.


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from exister
Monday, January 10, 2005 - 06:37


I payed my way through college working as a prison medic, so I can confirm that the incarceration of your fellow human beings is in fact a booming business in this country. Just don't go into it with any illusions of "rehabilitation." The modern American penitentiary system exists to maintain the social status quo and to serve as a cautionary tale to keep people from ditching the 9 to 5.

The California penal system is an interesting political force. Apparently the political muscle of the California Correctional Officer's Union is the only thing keeping the "3 strikes you're out" laws on the books. More prisoners == more jobs.

Also be aware that as a prison employee you will run the very real risk of being doused with fecal matter or stabbed with infectious needles, among many other potentially dangerous encounters. That, and you better hope a riot never breaks out. If you think that prison riot sequence in "Natural Born Killers" was just hyperbole, look up the stats on state prison riots in the last 50 years.

Best of luck, aspiring incarcerators!
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From Cops
Monday, January 10, 2005, 18:29

Well I posted on comment which I mentioned that I had been gassed, but a riot, dude that happens all the time. I work in a medical facility, so it doesn't happen as much as at another pen, but believe me a riot is no joke, at most pens they will have a riot about once a week and some race is usually locked down. At our pen it will happen once every month or two, but actually we're expecting the nothern hispanics and the blacks to go off any time so that's just a part of the job that you expect. (reply to this comment
from Joe H
Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 14:16

Pick highway patrol, buddy. As a prison guard, I think you'll find that no sane woman will date you.
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From Speedx3dave
Monday, January 24, 2005, 19:51


yeah! I agree, mee too!

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From Cops
Monday, January 10, 2005, 18:23


Well dude,

I'm already married with three kids. As far as being stuck or having feces urine, blood or other body fluids thrown on you that is definitely a risk. It's happened to me. Basically this dude, was in the hole, and he had flooded the tier. Back in the day we used to just bust their cell open and go in and take care of business, but those days are long over, anyway we put him on water restriction which means that he had to ask for me to flush his toilet for him from outside his cell and at that time we would allow him to have two cups of water. The main thing is that until the problem gets worked out I control his water. Anyway this dude is on water restriction and he yells out to me that he needed a flush. I yelled back that I would get to him in a minute and that wasn't good enough, so when I got back on the tier he had already thrown most all of his shit through the bars onto the tier and as I tried to walk by he through more out and got some on my uniform. Another time this dude was spinning in a psychotic rage(in a psych unit, also in the hole) and as we opened his food port to give him his scheduled medication he threw a cup of what appeared to be urine on me. Yeah it is a risk, but I feel like my five years in Russia were more dangerous than alot of the shit I see everyday. I saw dudes bloodied up just as bad as I see happen now, the only difference is that I'm expected to respond to the situation and stop it now. Also as a peace officer I have a responsibility to the public to help if I see a felony taking place.(reply to this comment

From Vicky
Sunday, January 09, 2005, 14:37


LOL... I suppose I can see where you're coming from in saying that, but I have to say that I think I would find a prison guard quite an interesting person to talk with, at least for one date. I would be fascinated by the 'inside' perspective on the psychology of those who commit crimes and their subsequent state of mind whilst incarcerated, assuming of course that said prison guard has a bit of a brain and some degree of understanding of the average 'criminal mind' (I know there's really no such thing as an average criminal mind but oh well, who cares), which I would hope he would have. I would value the insight I would be able to gain through hearing about the problems of modern society's attempts at molding the 'socially challenged' into responsible citizens, and thoroughly enjoy arguing the merits of a prison system that focuses on rehabilitation rather than the temporary fix of incarceration with someone whose opinions would be rooted in reality to a much greater degree than my own. All that to say, I wouldn't be put off if a guy told me he was a prison guard.

Hmmmm, I'm not sure that this makes any sense at all. I actually have no idea why I'm posting this, except maybe I'm tired. Or maybe I am unwittingly confirming your statement, 'no sane woman...'

*looks confused and decides to get back to her homework*(reply to this comment

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