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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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The Real Rael Scam

from MagicGreenPants - Saturday, January 04, 2003
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and the Raelians

It's no mean feat to stir up fits of laughter and sneering, but I can offer my thanks to Mr. Claude Rael for this cheeky scam. I'd watched some clips on the news where some so called "Raelian" cult have claimed to have created the first human two actually, no less.

So, I looked them up -, 55,000 members in 80 odd countries - but what inmediately aroused my suspicions was the "services", and "information" the Raelians have to offer, at a price of course. I half expected to uncover some heavenly city posters at any moment - only $0.99 each! Oh and a clone job is $200,000, its great that they're non-profit cause I'd have been fooled otherwise.

Go to, if you want to laugh watch the flash intro, cheesy but startlingly familiar (for ex-cultists), Rael has the sudden urge, suddenly to go for a walk and bingo! - "The Key of Rael"

Will the Raelians get you?

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from bakk
Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 09:56

They claim to become immortal through the cloning technologies. But what sense does it make? The clone of me is not ME any more, it is a different person. If it behaves in the same fashion as me, have the same memories like me, looks identically like me, so for the externals it looks like me. But it is not me. If it would be me, I could feel myself in that clone, I could see what he sees, it would be like an extension of me. But it is not this way.

No matter when you create your clone: after you are dead or alive your clone will NOT BE YOU. There is a big hole in your immortality philosophy Mr. Rael.

Even if this movement is fighting against Bush it is actually doing a big favour to those that are trying to establish the NWO. Look at their philosophy. One religion (only science - no God), one monetary system, one language. In order to achieve that they are going to implant chips in to our brain, so we are easily trackable and controllable.

I think this movement is just a tool in the evilminded game, they always are trying create an illusion that we have a choice. But they are in control of all the options we have. So they always win.

Action - Problem - Solution. They create a problem, we react, they provide a solution. This is how they do it. Submit your freedom and liberties and we are going to make you more secure. But remember what Benjamin Franklin always said: "He who sacrifices freedom for security is neither free nor secure."

We were born with everything we need. We carry God within ourSelves what else may we need in order to be safe. This makes us immortal, not the cloning. Let science and spirituality go together, not just science or spirituality.
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from GooGoo
Sunday, January 05, 2003 - 12:32

From what I know about cloning - nothing, or about as much as any clonist, it is well outside of medical barbarians to "clone" anything at all.

The process includes bombarding cells with electricity.

I'm not surprised they received interesting results such as Dolly and the caber tossers.
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from Dani
Saturday, January 04, 2003 - 20:35

When the raids happened in France this Cult came round to our home to exchange imformation of Anti cult people in France.

As it happens, been doing a project on stem cells and cloning. Apparently it has been discredited by leading experts in this field, due to the amount of failures they have had in animal. There were 270 attempts to clone a sheep before they succeeded in Dolly.
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From Jules
Saturday, January 04, 2003, 20:36

Of course, that might just be the Scottish. (reply to this comment
from GooGle
Saturday, January 04, 2003 - 19:20

Check this out, they apparently also have weirdo sex beliefs, veeery familiar:
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From jackie
Wednesday, August 13, 2003, 08:27

wow really wierd! why not get them in touch with "the Family" that way they can all clone themselves and send more people to hell!(reply to this comment

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