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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Inside Out

The Most Pathetic Story Ever Told

from katrim4 - Tuesday, October 29, 2002
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This is a true story of what happened in Texas some years back. If anyone else was in a home in TX at the time this happened it would be interesting to hear what went on in your home.

It was a pretty typical night. Another teen girl and I had finished putting the 10 children in our group to bed, cleaning the room, and spending a couple of hours reading some library books. We were only allowed to read system books during our free time so it was past midnight by the time we finally got to bed. The phone began ringing and about 10 minutes later my took me a second to realize that I wasn't dreaming and that she was standing there talking to me and then another second to realize that she wasn't joking when she said "Get all the children up, get them dressed and have them and a fleebag ready to get into the cabs in 10 minutes."

So, first I get over the shock of what she's saying and then my mind starts racing........what on earth is going on. No, no time for questions though. There are 10 children to wake up.

10 miutes later and the teamwork has decided that it may alert the authorities if we call the cabs so we are trying to keep the children calm while the adults decide what to do next. As it turns out, the homes van was on a trip out of town with my Dad leaving us with a mini pick up truck as our only running vehicle. What to do.....?

"Let's call our king, friend, supporter and the only person we know with a van and ask him if we can borrow it. It's only 2:00 A.M. I'm sure he won't mind."

"GBY! What a good idea. You must be listening to the Lord. You call him and I'll go tell the teens to bring the kids to the living room."

(a few minutes later)

"Our king was a bit upset that I couldn't explain what was going on or why we needed to borrow his van at this time of day but he said we could trade the van for the pick-up. He'll need it to get to work in a few hours."

Next we got as many of the children and teens as we could fit into the back of the truck (try explaining that to a police officer) and drove to our friends house where we proceeded to unload everyone and reload into the van. From there it was off to a hotel room.

After getting a couple of rooms (2 I think) and putting all of the children back to bed the van heads back to the home to pick up the rest of the people left there and bring them to our slightly overcrowded hotel rooms.

"Teens, we're going to tell you what is happening but we need to go into the shower stall just in case the room is bugged."
There is no shower stall so everyone crowds into the bathtub.
"Well, one of our bretheren in Dallas got a tip from a friend that works for CPS (Child Protective Services). They just ordered 100 bunk beds"

"So why do we have to come to this hotel room just because they ordered 100 bunk beds?"

"Because, when the brother told the VS's they figured out that there are
>approximately 100 children in the homes in TX and the lord told them to get all of the children out of the homes. The phone message said to get all the chilren out of the.........gasp.........county, and we aren't past the county line yet. Quick! Get all of the children up again, let's get out of the county."

Once again we got all of the children into the van, not bothering to dress them this time, and drove to the next town, rented two more hotel rooms and snuck the kids in.

The next morning was chaos. It would be bad security to use the phone of
course so one person acted as messanger running back and forth relaying
messages. We were not very well prepared at all and had to go shopping for toothbrushes, toiletries and extra towels. One of the sisters provisioned breakfast for everyone. (Why wasn't that bad security?)

It took another couple of hours before it dawned on everyone that we had no way of contacting our VS' as that was all done by computer and they had no way of contacting us. It was decided that one of the uncles would "sacrifice" and stay at the home and wait for another phone call and the rest of us would wait it out in the hotel rooms.

The boredome was unbearable. Even the most spiritual people finally gave in and let the children watch TV. Slowly but surely after a couple of days of no fund raising and paying for all our food and hotels our HER ran out and we had to return home.

(Phone conversation with the VS' after returning home)

"Well, PTL, nothing happened"
"Amen, can you imagine what would have happened if we hadn't have had everyone so willing to obey at a moments notice."
"We noticed on your TRF that your home has spent the entire HER"
"Yes, we used it to pay for the food, gas, hotel rooms and other needs during the persecution"
"Ummmm......TYJ brother but who told you to do that?"
"You did. The phone message said to get out of the house and to take the HER with us"
"Hmmm, we meant TAKE the HER with you not take the HER with you and use it to survive on, what would you do if there was a REAL emergency in the home."
"Oh, LHU. What should we do?"
"You'll have to replace it."

The next morning at devotions after having explained the above conversation to the rest of the home we were informed that the way the HER was to be replaced was going to be with.........A SINGING TEAM! And who else to do it but the teen girls.

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from PompousJohn
Monday, November 04, 2002 - 19:47

I was in one of the Homes where it happened. (Serenity, Houston)

As I recall that night some of us YA's had broken open a pail of some horrible liquid we had concocted, (pineapples and sugar in a paint bucket left in a hot shed for two months to see if it would ferment) we iced it down, strained it through a towel and started drinking it. (With a little more sugar you could almost swallow it without making a face) yeah it was gross stuff, but we were like Beavis and Butthead having stolen some bum's bottle of "hard stuff” and we tried to get drunk on it. Well we started telling stories and laughing our asses off, and after a while we decided we were drunk (I may never know if we really were) Finally having put the Jetts to bed in the pool house we went to sleep ourselves only to be awakened a few hours later and told to start packing everyone up and moving them out. Fortunately for me, I was chosen to stay behind and answer the police questions when the “raid” happened, so I stayed up all night on “patrol”with Tim A, walking around the yard and eating handfuls of "provisioned" Reece’s pieces we had in the pantry, but normally weren't allowed to touch because of all the white sugar in them. Of course there was no raid, but we spent the next few days sleeping in late and bumming around in the pool, (and devouring a five gallon bucket of Reece’s pieces) so all in all for me it was a nice experience.

Now what happened to cause this? The ever brilliant Seek had decided to befriend an activist group, VOCAL: Victims of Child Abuse Laws, people who had had their children removed by the state for some reason or other and were pissed off about it. One of their top guys had heard a rumor that the State of Texas had recently set up an institutional sized foster home for abused children, the capacity of which was roughly the same as the child population of the Houston area family homes, and putting two and two together, he called Seek in the middle of the night to warn her about what he determined to be an impending raid, and she called her shepherds (though I can't imagine why even gullible family leadership would believe anything Seek EVER had to say)who called back shortly afterwards to tell us all to flee. That’s what I can remember of the situation, the Family in Texas was still pretty juiced up at the time over Waco, and were meeting with Branch Davidian survivors and Texas Skinhead/Conspiracy-Theory Militia types, and there was basically a lot of paranoia in the air. I do seem to recall that the then head of VOCAL was asked to step down over the incident, having brought shame to his little watchdog group for sounding such a false alarm. Unfortunately for us, Seek remained on the local teamwork, and though this was probably the most damaging of her stunts, it was not in the least the stupidest.

(reply to this comment)
From Joe H
Thursday, May 20, 2004, 11:07

To be honest, the Big Boo (as it later came to be called) was some of the most fun we ever had! Hiding out in motel rooms, cramming into vans in the middle of the night - fucking awesome! Plus, since my dad was the GAS shepherd (oops, S stands for shepherd, call the Department of Redundancy Department!) we got to eat Raisin Bran and drink orange juice! Ah, the simple pleasures. We were also one of the smarter homes who moved back home within less than a week, and didn't wipe our computer or completely lose contact with the shepherds, so like John said, it wasn't much of a disaster at all.(reply to this comment
From TimR
Monday, November 04, 2002, 20:02

I remember our many attempts to make alcohol, "Tepache" was the most succesful. We used to collect sugar packets from fast food restaurants and use it to boost the fruit juice base

Do you remember when we finaly realized that, rather than put all that time and trouble into brewing wine, we could just keep some of the money from postering and buy wine at a store for a fraction of the work.

We had some good times at Serenity, most of them involving alcohol and/or music.

"Oh Brother, Brother.." HA!(reply to this comment
From PompousJohn
Tuesday, November 05, 2002, 08:05

Very good times Tim, but not as good at our "Pioneer" YA charter homes, where we prepared ourselves to face the outside world...(reply to this comment
From Tim R
Sunday, November 10, 2002, 01:30

Yeah, I remember that, we got our first system job together. It was supposed to be delivering packages, we used your Explorer and ended up spending most of the time delivering flowers, Ha!

The first week I think we made something like 40 dollars each, after gas. It was really hard to be an alcoholic with that small of a budget. (reply to this comment
from LOL
Monday, November 04, 2002 - 18:22

I was in california when that happened, I'm pretty sure the whole thing was Uncle Steven's fault, and A. Seek too. They got some ridiculous tipoff from a VERY unreliable source, and evacuated all of Texas.

My brothers (Chris and Joe) got swept up in that one too. For the record everybody else in the US had a good laugh at you texans over that one.
(reply to this comment)
From katrim4
Monday, November 04, 2002, 18:32

It was Steven Piper and his wife. Who knows what they were thinking but it was a mad house. (reply to this comment
From Kirschy
Sunday, November 10, 2002, 09:39

LOLOLOLOL!! I had completly forgotten that Kat! With dreaded of old age comes good things like erased memories. I had left Mexico with the intention of getting away from singing teams forever and I hadn’t been in the home two weeks when the shit hit the fan! Oh god that was death with U. Stephan and his pompous self coming to help our poor ‘field home’ get out of the mess that he out us in. F*****G H**L, but Oscar out up with a hell of a lot from us. (reply to this comment

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