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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Inside Out

Redundancies, redundancies. Oh how I hate redundancies.

from Fish - Saturday, May 07, 2005
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Redundancies, redundancies. Oh how I hate redundancies.

You would think that growing up in a repetitive and delusional cult; I would be somewhat accustomed to a high level of redundancy. Perhaps that’s the reason why I hate it so. Now days it seems that everywhere I turn I get annoyed by idiotic word usage. For example, yesterday while checking my hotmail I see an MSN add asking “Are you too short to date women?” “Read this to find out!” WTF? Yes, I’m too short to date women, I guess Ill have to go for lamas….

I get up and go to some lame restaurant for dinner. The waiter brings my salad (lettuce), proudly announcing to me that “Kore wa ‘green salada’ ni narimasu!” (This is green salad) No shit… Green salad, where’s the brown salad I ordered? This kind of nonsense has reached megalithic levels in Japan of late. People say it’s because Japanese can’t speak English, but I know that even when speaking Japanese they are just as bad. I remember asking for directions and being told: “Go straight down this road and turn at the green trees.” Right… (Zuto ZUUUUUTo masugu…)

The crowing achievement however, would have to go to the GN I just had the misfortune to skim thru. Not only is it pure esoteric nonsense, but its also highly redundant.

(Question:) Is it true that our spirit helpers aren't activated if we don't ask? What if you are in an emergency or something?

100$ to whoever guess the answer our mysterious mentor has instore.

(Mama:) I know that if you're anything like me, you probably have a hard time keeping up with the spirit helpers, remembering their names…

What if we’re not anything like you? If we’re not a blind, senile, STD infested 60 year old woman, will we be able to “keep up” with our spirit helpers? No luck there.

Change is a spirit helper who gives you the vision for the changes you must make, and why.

No, really?

And lastly:

The Knights of Victory are mighty spirit helpers…. Their armor is made up of the keys…. They have the liberating serum--Father David's fighting serum--to rescue all those in need and to defeat the demons of Hell.

Father David’s fighting serum??!! WTF is a fighting serum? Could anything sound more disturbing? “Lets all get down or our knees and pray for ‘david’ to pour out his white hot “fighting serum” upon us.” ARGGGGGG!!

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from rainy
Friday, March 23, 2007 - 05:24

I know you wrote this ages ago, Fish, but it gave me a belly laugh today.
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