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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Inside Out

Cannot live by toothpaste alone

from John David - Sunday, August 01, 2004
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A would-be runaway's story

Monterrey, Mexico circa 1990's: do you remember flee-bags? The bags to be used when one must flee? Well I do, especially when I remember Monterrey. As I recall, this is when my father built up the biggest stockpile of "flee-bag" items ever.

Now flee-bags are a great idea. A great idea, that is, until you tell someone about the concept who might exploit it. Like say a kid, a kid that's really getting a kick out of the idea of fleeing a shitty situation with a bag full of great survivalist gear.

Being force-fed squash and led like cattle to "witness" was enough to drive any kid to want to flee. So fleeing was the plan for a couple friends and I. I believe it was Pablo and Pedro of Michael and Rebecca. They would accompany me in this fleeing endeavor. After all, the park was just down the street and we could live there for the rest of our lives playing soccer.

Food was our main and well... only concern. But not to worry, the scientists at John, Pablo & Pedro inc. had been researching such a need. Its street name was toothpaste. The people at the toothpaste company really knew how to make a tasty paste, it seemed to us. I remember plenty of times in Monterrey when we'd spend time in the bathroom eating toothpaste. Being allowed to put something that sweet in our mouths was a strange phenomenon, and one we carefully explored to the fullest extent. How we're still alive today after consuming so much of the toxic chemicals found in toothpaste; I’m not sure.

Now the plan was to flee to the park, live on toothpaste and not be told what to do every hour of our childhood by anti-fun lunatics. A simple enough plan that somehow went wrong. Fully prepared, we headed to the gate where we had arranged for someone to open up and let us out. I wish I knew who that was today. It was someone who was in the know about the gate situation. There was a little one, as I recall, to the right of the house, as you look straight at it from the road.

The strange thing is, from this point on, I don't really remember what happened. I know we walked a little ways down the road. With a group of people watching and following for a bit. but that's where my memory ends. I can only imagine what kind of trouble we got in to.

Anyway, fleebag indeed.

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from Joey
Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - 02:33


It's funny how kids in normal society tried to run away from home also and when I tell my stories of planing to get away they assimilate them to their own goes at it!

One small difference, we had alot to run from!

Don't think I'm saying that there aren't kids not in TF that have alot to run from as well. I'm only reffering to the people I've spoken to in a social setting.
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from moon beam
Wednesday, August 04, 2004 - 12:26

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Cute! When I was 8 my best friend and I planned to "flee". We waited for the home to fall asleep and grabbed our flee-bags. We'd saved little bits of food from each meal, but it only amounted to a handful of rice and a few crumb's of tinned cheese. ( Alas no toothpaste!)

Our "magnificent" plan was to follow the stream we had found during get-out, living on God knows what type of fish we'd seen in it, then follow it to a river, then to the sea, from there we would flag a ship...we were just dosing up on some provisioned peanut butter when an adult came down and we had to hide. The next thing we'd fallen asleep and our plan had to be aborted. ( We did have a great fishing rod though, made under-cover when the boy's were making bows and arrows.)
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