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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Inside Out

How can I get the GN's?

from Amy - Saturday, January 24, 2004
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I'd like to keep up with what's going on in the Family.

Most of my friends and all of my family are still in. Is there a way I can get e-copies of the mailings, so I can keep up with what they are doing?

Contact me at

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from banal_commentator
Monday, January 26, 2004 - 11:37



Get back in da chat!!!
(reply to this comment)

From neez
Monday, January 26, 2004, 19:32

See.. control freak.. :)(reply to this comment
From banal_commentator
Wednesday, January 28, 2004, 08:53

Hahhahahaha, Its just a suggestion (reply to this comment
from EyesWideShut
Monday, January 26, 2004 - 10:23


Dubious. Sounds like you're still hungering for the terd of the word, or you're a spy trying to get info on where the leaks are coming from.

Or you're a kid who doesn't realize just how amusing this post is.
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From banal_commentator
Monday, January 26, 2004, 10:46

Haha: "terd of the word" good one. What a joke of an article! (reply to this comment
From Benz
Monday, January 26, 2004, 19:18

An article??? - Are you kidding???

That little byte is worth at least it's own section.

I'm truely afraid though that Sunny may have unintentionally leaked the secret of where she draws her "inspiration".

....or maybe she's just a kid that doesn't understand how funny she's being.(reply to this comment
From Sonderval
Monday, January 26, 2004, 10:42


LOL, way to make a rash assumption there Sunny, the only thing funny about the post above is the email address, which could have been set up before she left.

tbh I'd be mildly interested in reading some of the new GN's floating around, I've been out for 10 years and haven't really kept up to date, guess I must be a spy or still hungering for the word huh?

I kinda doubt that Jules is just gonna say 'hey Amy, sure, here's the name address and phone number of the guy sending them to me, but don't tell the leadership because it's a secret, kk tx', so I don't really think a warning is required.

PS, if there is a way to get hold of more current GN's let me know, would be interesting to read the kind of stuff they write these days . . . .

(reply to this comment

From Christy
Monday, January 26, 2004, 13:57


A quick thought about the email address: I think it could have have to do with the Golden Key International Honour Society (of which I am also a member) and not the Keys that Family members are always calling on in prayer.

That said, I agree with you, Sonderval, that many of us are mildly interested in what TF comes out with and what people we knew are up to these days. It's not a hunger for the the twerd (terd/word), but just curiosity of sorts. (reply to this comment

From Sonderval
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 02:14


Careful, you're agreeing with me about something, this makes you a member of my underground secret society dedicated to the overthrow of the movingon website, or something, I recommend you immediately turn of your computer and burn it then leave the country and start up a new life in Paraguay under an assumed name, the secret police will have almost certainly traced your identity and are even now moving in for the kill.

(reply to this comment

From megamouth
Monday, January 26, 2004, 11:44


Nobody talk to Sonderval about anything. He is a J Edgar Hoover type character. Definitely a spy and an expert on every aspect of why making TF accountable is pointless until his most recent plan.

I'd be mildly interested in providing GN's to you. Meet me in the car park of Aberdeen airport at 5am on Wednesday 28th of January. Bring 12 copies of treasure attic and 2 copies of the perfect ones and we will carry out the exchange.

I will be disguised as a lamppost, cough 3 times to alert me to your presence.

(reply to this comment

From neez
Monday, January 26, 2004, 18:44

Wasn't he the cross-dresser?(reply to this comment
From Sonderval
Monday, January 26, 2004, 11:57


uh huh, well thanks for your contribution megamouth, and I'll be there for the exchange, whoopee . . .

*sends encrypted message to Zerby via his specially trained flying carrier piglet 'the mouse has taken the cheese, unleash the batbrigade'*

But seriously, why the secrecy, if someone has data copies of a recent GN which seem to float around sometimes I'd be mildly interested in reading one, seeing as how there is no copyright issues as stated in other threads what's with all the secrecy? Hardly gonna be able to track down who sent it to you because someone sent me a copy of the text are they, make sense you muppet.

Not particularly bothered though, as for J Edgar Hoover type personality, can't say I ever met the guy and never heard of the phrase, probably an American thing, so please show me where I've claimed expertise (except about the fetal consciousness thing, studied it fairly heavily while studying psychology so it's fair to say I know quite a bit about it), I comment on things that interest me, you obviously prefer to just read other's contributions, fair play to you, you go your way and I'll go mine.

As for your opinion of me, really gonna lose sleep over the fact that some stranger with no info about himself who rarely if ever posts here hates me, OMG!!!! /cries

(reply to this comment

From Nancy
Monday, January 26, 2004, 13:15


This is funny! It's also not the first time I heard you were a spy Sonderval. Some people seem to think you are.

Ohhhh! It's a conspiracy!(reply to this comment

From Sonderval
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 02:40


heh, having a contrary opinion here really seems to piss people off, guess this community doesn't much like debate, ahh well.

One of the biggest freedom's I've gained in the outside world is freedom of thought, the freedom to question what we are told is fact, I do so at every possibility, I try to explore every possibility, this does make me an agitator and I won't deny that, the status quo blows, everyone agreeing with everything that is said without question is what I left behind me when I left, I disagree that this makes me fifth column.

bah, who cares, reading up on all this stuff was a blast from the past and fun, but I've read most of the articles now and it seems I've also worn out my welcome, was taking up a lot of time anyway, anyone who wants to get in touch with me can drop me an email from my profile.

Laters all~

(reply to this comment

From Alt Theory
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 11:06


Hmm, "having a contrary opinion here really seems to piss people off/I guess this community doesn't much like debate, ahh well."

How come people taking issue with your opinion is "not liking debate"? Don't the people who get pissed of with what you say have their own right to a contrary opinion?

Oh well, another big man stomps off. Seen it before, will see it again. Too bad in your case though, you have added a lot to this site

(reply to this comment

From neez
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 06:29


Yeah u get that Sonderval..

& here I was thinking megamouth was simply referring to you as some large boned cross-dressing fruit. But a family spy..? Well that's just going too far. :P

I propose we throw yee in the east river.. if yee float yee be human. But if yee sink, then it be true.. yee are most surely a witch & shall be burnt at ye olde stake(house). yar

You do sound like you still have a strange fascination with the cult though. Although learning about Hitler doesn't exactly make you a Nazi.(reply to this comment

From Albatross
Monday, January 26, 2004, 14:15

5th column agitator perhaps...but would a spy be this loquacious. ;)(reply to this comment
From exister
Monday, January 26, 2004, 13:01


What is up with all the secrecy and paranoia. I think that many here suffered far too much exposure to their parent's paranoid delusions. Remember when there was always some paranoid "security rumor" about how the authorities were gonna raid a "selah home?" This heightened degree of paranoia and security was a result of the guilty collective conscience of the original members of the family, so unless some of you are involved in rampant pedophilia and brutality against children why all the hush hush?

The one explanation I have heard is that you fear some sort of retribution from The Family. My only response to that is that fear empowers the aggressor. Besides, if The Family wants to come after me, I say "bring it, bitches." I am sure my local County Sherif would love to hear about these religious wackos who came to hassle me. I guess Boise is just not a "fertile field."

"An honest man has nothing to fear, so I am trying really hard to not be afraid."

A little predicate logic joke there. But seriously, I have no shame about having my real name attached to the things I say and do. Furthermore I see no reason why any of us should hesitate to blow the lid off of the whole sordid affair that was our childhood.

Say No To Selah!(reply to this comment

From Sonderval
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 02:24


Lol, agree with what you said about the Paranoia thing, I have a post up in getting connected with my name in it, and I have a pic uploaded, sincerely doubt that anyone in the family or anywhere else for that matter is gonna come after me, and I'm also sure I've dealt with more dangerous threats than that in my life so far even if they did. :p

Everyone seems to have a theory about me, it's quite flattering in a weird way, as far as the fear of retribution angle is concerned, I'm afraid that's no better than the 'Zerby Spy' one, I simply posted in the legal action thread that I don't reckon that anything will come of it, I revised that in my most recent post and stated why I had felt that. I don't do hope and I've heard a lot of good idea's over the years that never came to more than hot air, for what it's worth I did post a final comment in that thread saying why I'd felt that and encouraging people to take action, as if my encouragement is just what the hordes were waiting for /shrug.

(reply to this comment

From exister
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 12:10


I thought the reaction to your post on legal action was a little volatile. You said things that many of us have previously, namely that jurisdictional entanglements and lack of documentation will compound the difficulty of bringing those accountable to justice. Despite these problems giving The Family hell is just too damn fun and therapeutic for me to stop. Besides, if I weren't ranting against the family I would just have to rant against someone else, like celebrities.

So bask in the glow of suspicion and intrigue Sonderval. Next month there will be another new member for us to cast a sidelong glance on.(reply to this comment

From neez
Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 06:48


Would you like to borrow my 'Champion Porn Defender(TM)' title for awhile? I can sell it to u cheap because it starts to lose value the moment ppl stop reffering to it(trust me). $499.99 plus postage

& don't just copy that please.. Mr spy sir :)

So do u have any henchmen?(reply to this comment

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