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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Inside Out

Living on the inside of the outsiders illusory world - Insiders vs Outsiders

from cyborcosmic - Wednesday, April 16, 2003
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Growing up the way we did on the inside causes us to see the things that were unnoticed by adults....

We were growing up as adults without beliving illusory childish fairy tales.
The difference between us children and the adults was that we knew the world as it is and were not blinded by wishful-unfulfilled prophecies of what god was about to provide.
We were silent; observing the fools, taking their orders but rejecting their idealistic illusions, we grew up this way surrounded by outsiders, knowing that we were the real outsiders to the world, and to the adult outsiders, we had been especially chosen to be on the field working as missionaries for god. 
We noticed what happened when the fools were blinded with revelations.
We stayed on the inside, together; our main goal and objective was to be independent of them, not to belong anywhere close to them and hoping to be set free to live a different life.
When we finally felt the freedom away from all disappointments and setbacks of “family life”, we experienced the cold, cruel outside world and the reality of our plans. When encountered by people of the ‘Real World’ I sank into my own world which was neither really outside or really inside! When finally, fed up with the unanswered questions of  “our family” and false-self-realisations not satisfying our search, looking around, finding ourselves asking only the same questions, trapped in a cage, self-conscious reflecting only on reckless abandon. Then finally, breaking away from all false hope. The cage is empty, your mind is clear. The question then is:


The answer lies in the death of the illusion, not in living a life we could never claim as our own.
Set your life free!
My Inside cage is collapsed, by now.
Save your life, completely release control.
Friends, family, shocked....set them free.
Dawn has come and we realise that we are here now.
Insiders feeling:True self-realisation and recognition.
Outsiders feeling: Frustration and Zombie-like sedation. But, everything is under control- (let them control their illusion, without control, their illusion falls apart.God forbid!)

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from niniva.
Monday, April 21, 2003 - 10:50

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I always felt that the "adults" were mad and I was more wary of them than the "systemites". There was also the deep sense of us[kids] and them[adults].But it sure  helped in developing the skills for  sussing someone out very quickly. The hard bit is finding who you really are.

I felt completly invisible as a child and when you re read the lists of what not to do/feel, it brings  home just how many feelings and emotions, were repressed and unable to grow. In many ways  I felt, I had to find myself. I liked your post and felt the same, nice one!

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