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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Inside Out

Unanswered Questions/Maria Refuses

from bobo - Sunday, December 29, 2002
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There was a list of questions Maria (aka Zerby) refused to answer.

I can answer the questions, (some)...

3) During her time of living in Dad's house, was Mene ever tied to her bed during the night?

Yes, he orders family members to do that in the 'Mene' letters.

6) Did Dad ever accuse a Family member of being demon-possessed, when in fact it was later discovered that they needed serious medical attention?

Yes, Mene.

7) Did Dad ever perform oral sex on Mene?
8) Did Dad ever have contact with Mene that involved the touching of her genitals in any form?

In the letters published the two mentioned in James Penn's letter He says, "We shared our bed with you!"

9) Did Dad ever have sexual contact (involving genitals) with his daughters, Deborah and/or Faithy?

Yes. I've read from him and Faith in print on this. Just do a search on Faithy in the Home Arc. He says he slept with her and another girl at age 12 in the camper. See "little girl dream" where he tells the world of his dream of fucking a 10 year old!!!! Faith also admits this in an FSM when she says she remembers as a little girl having her father put her to sleep by "rubbing her front".

10) Did Dad ever have regular or irregular sexual contact (involving genitals) with minor girls (in this case, we'll say under the age of 18) in his house?

I'd say yes. He says in Heaven's girl, "Why didn't she have sex with us when she was a teen?"

13) Was a "dead men talking" prophecy received in your Home or in WS from Art Linkletter while he was still alive?
14) Have there been other cases where a prophecy given for or by celebrities contained obvious inaccuracies.

One was received from Priscilla Presley who said she was sharing with someone else in heaven, not Elvis, or Elvis was sharing with someone, not her. It was pointed out that Priscilla was still alive and when Maria was asked she said, "Sorry, we didn't catch that!!"

The whole Abrahim, Cathars thing is historically inaccurate. Just do web searches on these topics and you'll see!

17) Why weren't these questions/accusations answered before?

They know that it would incriminate them. Can't say "NO!” though that would be lying. Child-sex is condoned, see "Devil hates sex, "Revolutionary Sex" "My childhood sex", "Teen Brides" "Marrytime", "Davidito Book", "My little Fish", etc, etc, but not lying.

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from JoeH
Monday, December 30, 2002 - 15:01

and birds go tweet
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