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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Media Reports

Article in Largest Norwegian Newspaper

from tuneman7 - Saturday, April 09, 2005
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This was carried in the largest newspaper in Norway.

Well, honesty, humility and sincere efforts at dialogue and restitution was what was required of group leadership. Unfortunately they've continued in their path of obstinence, prevarication, self-justification, self-glorification, re-victimizing and attacking those who have suffered. What a sad and un-chill state for these characters to find themselves in.

The fruit of years of dishonesty, covering up, believing their own hype, and just being all-round bogus, criminal, and clown-like characters. Thankfully most of us are going to live our lives in such a way that our children are not going to be making public proclamations of vengeful intent while brandishing instruments of violence. It's so surreal. I still do not believe they have come to grips with the reality of the crimes they have committed, seen committed, and had to cover up through the saddest, cruelest, and most cowardly means imaginable. (Resorting to calling their own children, grandchildren liars and the friends of their children and grandchildren liars, and getting their own children and their children's friends to lie for them.) (Shudders at keyboard)

Freaks the living daylights out of me. Okay, off to enjoy the glorious, un-complicated, honest life away from these characters' foolishness. Here's the link for all of us who can read Norwegian: I'm working on getting a translation if I can. Take it easy!

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from Albatross
Monday, April 11, 2005 - 16:29


For all those who can't wait for an official translation to come out here is one I did on an internet translation site. It is hard to understand, but at least we can see what topics they covered.



It is the A NEED for revenge.

It young man with the brief hair chatting in in videokameraet as he puts ball-shaped in a magazine. He am heating Ricky Rodriguez. He am 29 year aged. He called «Davidito» as he grew up as the heir presumptive to the throne in it disputed Christianise sector «Guds children, also famous as «The Family».

Ricky pusler along with compete and gun as he narrator about they sexual assault mother and stefaren do be about have utsatt he and sister his for. And he narrator about all the others babies as became was abusing.

- What with the a thousand at us as literal spoken became «fucked above?

AT 1970- DIGIT was naming they her «Guds children. Sector founder David Alp spoke against forbrukersamfunnet and USAs warfare in Dedicated, and he stayed for a collective life style there all do be about divide all. Also sex. A good deal of sex. Fri sex stayed a expression for Guds affection.

- I practicing facts I prediker, and I prediker sex, boys and girl, say he at a at lydopptakene bunch published at 70- digit.

Facts nonsense no as called adultery in «Guds children, and they deemed children also ought a few take possession Guds suitor seksualitet.

«Det am altogether nothing amiss along with sex, saw long it is the practise in affection, additions what they do, who it is the along with or how ancient they are(...)», do be about Alp have typed in booklet «Djevelen am hating sex but God adores det».

During 70- digit getting sector a good many a thousand members a touch am 15 000 and dispersed to all continent. Organization say it continued am active in above 100 land.

IN Norway do be about facts have been hundreds members at most. Now declare sector that around 20 members drill in Norway. Additional works 40 misjonærer along with Norwegian background for «Guds children in The Asia, Africa and East- Europe.

Sector acknowledges that they had a for liberalism attitude at children and sex at 70- digit, but say they have cleaned up. In an official accent say they that Rodriguez no matter has validate her allegations, as they considers has been spread to breakdown bunch.

RICKY RODRIGUEZ is it was adopting son at that deceased sektlederen David Alp. Rickys mother am current sektleder Guy Zerby. She became pregnant along with Ricky as she drev along with so-called «flirty fishing» sex along with outsider men to acquire earnings and coax at her new members. His biologiske father stayed a waiter along with appellation Carlos she met at Tenerife at 70- digit.

IN video say Ricky that he shall kill mother for assault she do be about have utsatt him for.

- Mine own mother... Fy faen! How able you do such against a little children? say he.

By entire video fikler he along with knife or other arms.

- Mamma do be about a few defray. She do be about a few defray expensive.

Videotapen there Ricky Rodriguez grasping fire him along with her closest, am 56 minutes high. He acted it in herself 7. January this year in Tucson in it American delstaten Arizona. Day after grasped he life at Angela Were smiting (51), a a prior conducting co-worker at sector, a prior he grasped her own life. Video stayed ment paternal elucidation at they etterlatte. Magazine has seen it all video, as am acce at Domestic. Abstract has been displayed at American tv.

Homicide and video has directed at solid reactions both amid a prior and current sektmedlemmer. A number of committee as grew up in sector, has stood forward and told that they was exposed to mentale, physical and sexual assault.

- Nothing at facts Ricky say in video am exaggerated. I met him more multiplication. Assault against him became documented in printing and pictures, and published innad in sector. I'm no matter aback above that life his closed saw tragic, say a long-standing co-worker at it at the farther end and clandestine conductorship in «Guds children at Magazine.

- It is the a good many as grew up in sector as carrier at that additions fierceness as Ricky. They became was abusing ahead øynene at her jevnaldrende. These babies need aid, say he.

«PETER» GREW UP in «Guds children. Fragments at adolescence became was spending in Norway. He drill today in Oslo. As a little went he along with the parents around Europe in caravan as they warned against adjudication and was collecting brass at sector.

- We cultivated to elapse forward in church immediately below gudstjenester and have a mind to about adjudication. At one time arrived police after us. It was terrifying, but also humorously, narrator he, and say that he as sjuåring became witness at her first freakish.

- All they adult was dancing naked. It was awfully sexual. But I believed that was how facts do be about be feel.

As he stayed eight year aged, was burning danger skolebøkene his.

- He said that now stayed facts above, the world do be about go under. What do be about I along with skolebøker?

In lieu of schoolboy became babies posted against to market box and poster at income for bunch.

- We was not getting advent home a prior we'd sold allowance our. Facts became high days, but we became lean at to market. The boards as was acting about fri affection, stepped certainly away, but they as was acting about adjudication, stayed awkward to market.

Petter has lived in more at sector ungdomsleirer. He narrator about as hard as nails discipline.

- We have got to always say «sir» at they adult. TO get a glass milk after breakfast was enough at to be infrequent edged. Answered you they adult, became you beaten. Skohorn, belts, bambusstenger. Wasn't facts penalty enough, saw became you beaten ahead they other babies. At one time became brother mine struck he was fainting. It was as a mincer, say Peter.

Fragments at teen-ager was spending he in sector collective at Chip at Østlandet in Norway.

- It was a at they better places, but a good deal of strange happen there also. A few children became impose along with confinement, or so-called taushetsrestriksjoner, «silence restrictions». As getting they no matter law at to chip in other, and had to go along with a advertisement board about neck.

«The Family»s regelverk for barneoppdragelse allowes continued bodily punish, and be up to three concurrent taleforbud daily. Regelverket am published at nettsidene their.

Peter has today job, children and cohabit. He left sector for more year afterwards. He cope her, but memories am difficult to bear for man in bickering.

- I becomes absolutely commoti at to speak about this here. I'm afraid to become depressed.

- Desires you revenge?

- absolutely no I've cast-off tida at to hang to afford myself. As I left «The Family», sto I except course, except brass, and most I knew, stayed continued co-worker. Now have I gotten my job and family, and shall consumes others at life mine at to enjoy facts. But «The Family» has never asked alibi. Of which they'll begin anew, be bound to they acknowledge what has happened.

- I wish NEVER FORGIVE the parents mine.

«Mark» am born and oppvokst in «Guds children. He am born in USA, has American parent, but was spending bring nearer to 12 year at adolescence her in Norway. He has lived in Oslo, Trondheim, Mountains and at Chip.

- As I was six year, became I compelled at to have jaws along with a adult man. Mamma found from among facts, and he getting a bit jaws. But he continued in bunch in of many years afterwards. He liked to glance at that I was dressing at my, say Characteristicen.

- I've sett children have sex along with adult. I have got to see mine sister dance naked for men she owned just gotten the tits. And mine mother work as prostitute.

Characteristicen left sector for more year afterwards, drill now in Norway and have a job in industry. Adolescence in «Guds children am any he no matter discuss along with a few, no matter sometime nære friends.

- Apiece jævla day be bound to I have a mind to another lie at people I no matter shall do be about a few know about adolescence mine.

He narrator about jevnaldrende defector as has commit suicide.

- We calculated at that. We have in snitt a suicide in half-year amid us as grew up in «Guds children. A good many slave. A good many girl has been strip and prostitute.

Characteristicen narrator a good deal of about collective at Chip:

- Commune said certainly at that we getting hjemmeundervisning, but we getting never a few especially school. As barnevernet arrived, was escaping we. They adult was naming facts chase.

More days in uka have got to babies in at Oslo to sing, collect money and market poster, narrator he.

- Neither at they adult owned job. We was collecting vegetables and clothes, and said it was at they poor. We was lying, and people stayed beyond ingenuous. I've stood a good many concurrent and frozen tynnkledd in cold at Karl Johan. Neither reacted. I considers, I'm grown up in Scandinavia. I getting neither schoolboy, I was not getting chip in children beyond sector, I sto at gata and was collecting brass. And so reacted neither, how stayed authorities?

JON EINISSON stayed sosialsjef in Åsnes commune as «Guds children settled at at Chip at commencement at 1990- digit. He bear in mind sector be comfortable, but say he part am bound at professional secrecy.

- But I able say that at globally basis found I call to anxiety. Children became deemed beyond skoleverket, and they lofty seksualitet as Guds merciless and affection. But this stayed a a good deal of bigger affair than a a little countrified commune be able attend to. We fail to to carry a serious examination. Facts reported we at about at county, but facts happen nothing.

Commune carried out more forhåndsvarslede inspections at collective, but choosen to no matter seize the in. Einisson closed as sosialsjef in commune a few month's after that «Guds children arrived at set out on.

- This the thing is any of what has alert mine greatest anxiety by more decade in educational tv and sosialvesen. But I felt my absolutely helpless. We'd no matter resources at to analyzed, say he.

As he closed, grasped assist sosialsjef Ulf The stone Olsen above issue. 18. July 1991 composed Olsen a report on there he wrote that barnevernet no matter found a few affair as validate shrewd idea about sexual assault or vanskjøtsel at babies. IN despatch draw a he forward how beautifully menighetens barnekor sang, and how discipline and open up babies stayed.

- We found no matter call to to seize the in. But gear able certainly cover at, a able a few hear they mainly vanvittige gear in future. Such am arduous to capture cheer up common systems, say The stone Olsen at Magazine.

Collective at Chip exist no longer. «The Family» has after that Magazine discern neither big collective in Norway today.

THE AMERICAN DAVID LYKINS (54) became along with in «Guds children in 1971. He has afterwards 1998 directed sector work in Norway. He corner-post accusations about comprehensive assault.

- We have heard these accusations in årevis. We have had more cases and stepped fri apiece exclusive gait. I herself has ten children, and almost sju grandchild. Of which facts happen assault in «The Family», savage I layer a hell. But we have more a thousand members in above a hundred land, saw I can't say that such never has happened. It has been isolate cases, but we have nulltoleranse at such gear, say Lykins.

He considers accusations am a private matter between defector and their parent.

- I connoisseur certainly more at these defector and the parents their, and facts shop at in 99 per cent at cases about domestic familiekonflikter. It has nothing along with «Guds children to do.

CONDUCTORSHIP IN «THE FAMILY» acknowledges that facts able have happened assault in bunch, but that this grasped an end after that organization was briefing rules against sexual contact along with children in 1986.

- There is some talk of a couple of, isolate cases, say Abi Freeman, talskvinne for «The Family» in Europe.

She say that bunch teologi at 70- and 80- digit stayed for liberalism, and was short of grensesetting after all concerned to screen mindreårige against adult sexliv.

- We stayed additional liberalism sexual as, and facts able have happened that mindreårige has experienced gear they no matter ought. Sexual assault able have happened, except that it was conviction to breakdown a few. But it has no matter been awfully be prevalent, say Freeman.

Assault against Ricky Rodriguez am part documented in the book «The Bumper shame Davidito», as sector administration was handing out in 1982. Pictures in the book demonstrate it three year ancient guttungen as kiss bosoms at nanny, attitudinize ahead nakenmodeller or kiss and am huging other children. «Trekant as treåring» stand facts in an at bildetekstene. The book stayed ment paternal manual for barneoppdragelse by sector.

- The book consisted ideas about education, what a do along with arduous behaviour after forth. After stayed facts looked like stayed amiss, and it has we be sorry, say Freeman.

- What kind of gear stayed the remnant amiss?

- It was a few gear, as of which a boy no matter stayed omskåret saw needed he aid along with, certainly, you know, to hold on to it clean-cut. After what I bear in mind able facts also have been a argy-bargy about how aid boys along with close-fitting retard. Advice a able count on to hit in a book about bringing up. After stayed facts a few pictures there but do be about been published.

- Consisted they sexual material as included children?

- «The Bumper shame Davidito» stayed at 400 pages, it was may 10 at 20 pages as owned pictures or printing as was hinting cross at border for affection. But we disposal us with the books, say Freeman.

IN 1991 AND 1995 dispatched conductorship in «Guds children edged detailed directions to all her bokollektiver about to destruere a number of pamphlets. Magazine has at a a prior co-worker at conductorship gotten copies at detailed are slinking above whatever do be about assasinate. Titles as «Jenta but savage, «Djevelen am hating sex» and «Barnebruder» am indicating contend in literature as have got to assasinate or sensureres. Freeman say she no matter able acknowledge about lista am a genuine charter, but say facts figures that Alp wrote more document's about children and sex.

- David Alp thought aloud about community borders for seksualitet stayed correct, what border for as they became adult stayed. It is a absolutely freshly idé that they yet no matter am adult as they as adolescence, and in big fragments at the world is it sexual lavalderen 14 or 15 year. But Alp grasped distance at this in future, say Abi Freeman.

IN 1986 became sexual assault against children utvisningsgrunn in «Guds children, and David Alp grasped distance at her a prior læresetninger about children and seksualitet.

- Facts happen gear as stayed amiss, but we does not do such further. Neither deemed to breakdown a few, but we acknowledge and acknowledges that it was a few difficulties. Accordingly was briefing we new and strings rules, and now am babies in «The Family» probably less exposed to assault than children in others at community, there so abuse am be prevalent. We have been exposed to a number of the scrutiny at baby sitter and police the world above, and it has been more cases. Neither bound to. We have cleaned up, and should like speak about all other one we do, hjelpearbeid after tsunamien, evangelisering after forth, say Freeman.

CLEANED ACTUAL SECTOR up in 1986? A number of a prior members has stood forward in American the media and asserted that they was exposed to assault in «Guds children also after opprydningen by the end of 80- digit.

A at they are talskvinne Abi Freemans own daughter. In March this year sto she forward in it British canard Evening Standard and telling that she was exposed to assault in «The Family» after 1986. Freeman shall for choice no matter annotate daughter allegations.

- I have no idea absolutely what mine daughter has said and no matter said. It additions journalist interview my and I weren't correct quoted. Her difficulties am her personal difficulties, it has no along with «The Family» to do. It is the bumper fare for that a woman, no matter how in the world she expanding up, shall be exposed to assault. And believing you I savage been in an organization as was admitting assault?

Domestic document's Magazine have got access at, demonstrate that conductorship saw seint as in 1993 spoke for a liberalism attitude in relations intimate co-operation along with mindreårige.

Document's being acknowledge at Abi Freeman, but she say that these comments seinere am be sorry and drawn back.

A DIFFERENT EKSMEDLEM, Christening Allow Mattery (29) at San Diego in California, narrator Magazine that assault continued after 1986, and that conductorship no matter reacted.

- We became was inviting at to brew video there we was stripping or was dancing for men, narrator she.

Now works she along with to begin a hjelpefond for committee as has grown up in «Guds Children.

- We babies became in every way included with the adult life, also sexlivet. It was neither borders. But intercourse I and søstrene mine owned along with a at they adult, happen no matter in public.

Cherry reported at at conductorship. Facts closed along with that attacker have got to apologies. Assault continued according to Cherry, as seinere left sector. IN 1998 became mother vacate care for Cherry lillesøster at barnevernet in San Diego.

NOW AM INVITING SEKTLEDER Guy Zerby members at to have sex along with Jesus. It so-called «Loving Jesus»- hang depict at organization hjemmesider. Believing as desires a additional intimate affair along with Jesus, able according to Zerby imagine her that they have sex along with Jesus as they onanerer or has intercourse. Afterwards sector am against homoseksualitet, ought men contemplate herself as female as has sex along with Jesus. Sector confirm that they have compiled own directing for teen-ager as am interested in «Loving Jesus».

- I owned long reflected at to abandon sector, but «Loving Jesus» stayed dråpen as getting beaker at to float above for my and a good many other as owned grown up in sector. It was as we was comprehending that «The Family» never savage change her, say Peter.

«ANNE», A NIFTY LYSHÅRET woman bosatt in Oslo, am a different eksmedlem as narrator that she became was abusing under adolescence in «Guds children. Annex say the abuse happen as she lived in a at sector collective in The Asia.

- At I was 11 stayed facts a man as savage clamp and kiss at my entire tida. I was certainly hay and blond. When I sit on kafé today, sit I always along with back against the wall. It is the as a matter of they adult in a collective I lived in frequently arrived from behind to get my at bosoms.

At one time facts became are arranged kostymeball in collective, would not Annex dance along with man she say care-worn her at her.

- As telling mother my that other girl at mine age donated big am huging, and stayed a good deal of opens. We do be about demonstrate Guds affection.

Annex getting aid at Save the children fund. By plan «Go On», as began in 1999, became bring nearer to 40 children and young along with background at «Guds children aided to a new life in Norway. Lots of defector sleit along with to procure a normally life after adolescence in sector at 70-, 80- and 90- digit.

- They sexual assault wasn't facts exclusive. Other gear stayed at least equal bad. You be able never large type yourself first or believe a own tank. Boast and independence became put down at. A so adolescence do facts arduous to be a success in a normally community, say Annex.

Herself grew she up in misgivings to die.

- We became all the way told that the world savage go under. As I was six year, have got to we displace at The Asia. North owned turned back at God, and nuclear war sto for door, narrator Annex.

They adult discussed all the way character at about apocalypse stayed close to.

- I calculated never along with to be more than 16- 18 year.

She grasping a pause.

- I was making my a list of gear I would do it a prior I dead. Ride at horse, a few children, such gear.

- IN «GUDS Children became assault put in system, say Tourist Salvage, advocate and familiemekler.

She has work of many years as advocate in barnevernssaker, and directed «Go On»- plan for Save the children fund.

- The affairs at Annex and they other defector am believable. It is the a good many as narrator about liknende affair. Assembly along with defector at «Guds children stayed worse than all I owned experienced a prior at that moment. And I've sett any of worst as has been by barnevernssaker in this country, say she.

Day Hareide, a prior generalsekretær in Naturvernforbundet and co-worker at Verdikommisjonen, stayed along with at to take the initiative at «Go On». Now am he administrator in Scandinavian forum for mediate and konflikthåndtering. Hareide connoisseur both current and a prior members at sector.

- It is the certainly lean pages against this sector also, babies getting a fellesskapsorientert and international bringing up. But it was a hard-nosed and totalitarian bringing up. I was not walking in in their among friends affair and can't say any about what as pretend at for instance sexual experiments. But more at them needed psykologhjelp, say Hareide.

His commitment has been to aid them to establish oneself in Norway.

- As you comes from among a sector 21 year aged, am Norwegian national, but no matter able Norwegian, and no matter has ungdomsskolen sometime and know a little about how a be prevalent community acting, as is it tøft, say Hareide.

«GO ON»- PLAN has directed at that lots of sector defector in Norway has greid her cheap a good one. Ricky Rodriguez, it young man in video, stepped facts disapprove a good one along with.

IN avskjedsvideoen define he her awful plan.

Mother, Guy Zerby, staying at stranger location lastly knew hang out am Portuguese. Ricky has was tracking mother a prior secretary Angela Were smiting, as also was attending in bringing up at him. Ricky say he shall torture her to a few know mother caches.

He demonstrate forward a lyddempet drill, a «stun gun» and a keen stekegaffel.

- A absolutely primitive adaptation I believing able make bricks with straw, say he at camera.

Plan collapses. It a prior secretary discloses no matter mother residence. Instead deceases Angela Were smiting at floor in its own apartment along with overskåret neck and twelve knivstikk. Ricky put her in auto, and collides California. He calling the wife to get cheerio. A few concurrent seinere shoot he herself in head against water works in it a little city Blythe in California.

Body becomes found morning after by an co-worker in water works. Ricky «Davidito» Rodriguez lie blood, along with a pick in head, at the back the wheel at her Chevy Cavalier. Beside body lie a Glock 40- calibre the gun. Sektlederens fortapte son, it tiltenkte the heir presumptive to the throne, he as warned endetidas advent, stayed dead.

As police shall scene of the crime, begins facts to call to in phone at deceased. It is the his housewife Elixia Munumuel as calling. She narrator police that ektemannen owned called her eve a prior to acknowledge that he owned commit a homicide. IN avskjedssamtalen at her housewife telling Ricky Rodriguez about her conversation along with her sacrifice Angela Were smiting a prior she dead.

- She understood continued no matter what it was she owned done as stayed amiss, do be about Ricky have said according to the wife.

HOMICIDE AT ANGELA WERE SMITING and facts ensuing suicide at Ricky Rodriguez directed at big medieoppslag in USA. A good many eksmedlemmer sto forward along with her affair. For «Mark» am Ricky Rodriguez a kinds absolutely.

- I'm absolutely clearly against that they do be about get life at other, but lots of us as has stepped from among «The Family» hasn't talked about this at årevis. Now comes all up afresh. All feelings bloom up.

He pondering her a bit about.

- To be feel honest cope I no matter to criticise him for facts he doing. Now happen to facts may any. But what a pity Ricky grasped her own life, now becomes facts certainly nobody case.

First time published: Saturday 9. April 2005

(reply to this comment)

from pi
Monday, April 11, 2005 - 16:05

Sorry, but I forgot to mention that if you want me to do the translation, please email me directly . Thanks! Jeanie
(reply to this comment)
from pi
Monday, April 11, 2005 - 16:03

Hello! My name is Jeanie Shaterian and I am distantly related to some Family members. I am an experienced translator of Norwegian who can translate the Dagbladet article. I need to have copyright permission first, though. If you can't find anybody else and do not have permission yet, I will email the paper to get permission.
(reply to this comment)
From neez
Monday, April 11, 2005, 18:49


You need permission to translate some text!? I find that hard to believe.

How do Google and babelfish etc get away with millions of(freakin terrible) translations everyday?(reply to this comment

From pi's friend
Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 01:18

Actually permission has now been granted and the translation is underway. Hope to get is posted here in a few days.....(reply to this comment
from electric
Sunday, April 10, 2005 - 19:11

just finished reading the norwegian article, it's a great expose of The Family.
(reply to this comment)
From tuneman7
Sunday, April 10, 2005, 20:07


Do you know anyone who can translate this for us into English?

I've got feelers out with others, in other places, too, but just thought I'd ask.

Take it easy.(reply to this comment

From vixen
Sunday, April 10, 2005, 23:51

If you haven't yet found someone to translate it, let me know and I'll try to get it done within the next few days. : )(reply to this comment
From tuneman7
Monday, April 11, 2005, 22:36


If you can translate it. That would be great! I still haven't chanced upon someone who can or will do it for us.


(reply to this comment

From electric
Sunday, April 10, 2005, 19:11


the header is great "Guds misbrukte barn" - God's abused child :) (reply to this comment
from roughneck
Saturday, April 09, 2005 - 15:49

"Thankfully most of us are going to live our lives in such a way that our children are making public proclaimations of vengeful intent while brandishing instruments of violence."

Hmm, are you sure this is what you mean? I personally would have said "...our children will NOT be making public proclaimations of vengeful intent..."

But if for some reason I'm wrong feel free to say so. :)
(reply to this comment)
From tuneman7
Saturday, April 09, 2005, 17:11

Yeah, you're right on everything, the bad fruits of typing too fast, and not seeking the Lords guidance desperately enough before working on tasks. :-)

Tried to correct.

Take it easy!

Don(reply to this comment
From roughneck
Saturday, April 09, 2005, 17:22

GBY on being so open to correction - you're such a Good Sample to these backslidden Rotten Apple Teen Terrors. :D

LOL.. you da' man, Don. :)(reply to this comment
From roughneck
Saturday, April 09, 2005, 16:08

Seeing as how Joe H and conan have fallen down on the Grammar-Führer job, it falls to me to point out that it's spelled "Norwegian", and "proclamation".

Additionally: "Resorting to calling their own children, grandchildren and the friends of their children and grandchildren," (I think the word that's missing after the second "grandchildren" is "liars" ;)

OK, I'll fuck off and stop picking your ass now. :D(reply to this comment

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