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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Seeking Justice

On The Zerby, Kelly propaganda machine

from Albatross - Monday, November 04, 2002
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If this article finds its way into the hands of a few Family members it won’t be a bad thing.

To Current Family members:

My name is Daniel, AKA Albatross. I am 27 years old. My father Ado is a North America CO. I am actively working to bring the Family leadership (Maria, Peter etc) and individual abusers to justice for the abuses and crimes that were perpetrated on us the Family's children. I am not alone in the effort. There are many others, working through many avenues to this end. With this article I aim to clear up a few misconceptions as well as respond to the misinformation that Family leadership has been propagating.

It is just we, the FGA’s children demanding answers, demanding respect and demanding acknowledgement of the past abuses. And your leaders know that.

2. There is NO GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY TO ”GET THE FAMILY.” If anything, the authorities have to be convinced. And your leaders know that.

3. No one is GOING TO DRAG AWAY THE FAMILY’S CHILDREN FROM THE HOMES in massive Argentina style raids. It’s a good propaganda scare tactic to tell you this, but it is simply false and your leaders know that.

4. This effort is far BIGGER THAN “JUST A FEW DISGRUNTLED APOSTATES,” as your leaders would have you believe. There is a ground swelling of outrage and a determination amonst the sga's that the abuses must be addressed. The last few months has only begun to show the extent of the horrible abuses that occurred. They were widespread and were perpetrated on every strata of Family life, from the leaders, to the witnesser on the street. And your leaders know that.

5. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. Those of us who have left have so many different belief or non-belief systems. This is about abuses, plain and simple. The Family leadership’s attempts to paint this, as some desperate struggle for religious freedom is faulty and will backfire when faced with the truth of whom it is who are bringing them to task. It is we, your own children. We are not a church. We are not an anti-cult group. We are not even an organization. We are just your children. And your leaders know that.

6. THIS WILL NOT GO AWAY UNTIL IT IS FIXED. In the months that we the abused, have been writing and telling our stories, there have been no attempts by the Family leadership to reach out and even listen to the tales of abuse. We have received nothing but quite literal demonization in the GN’s. Why? Why does Family leadership automatically and out of hand dismiss our stories as lies and persecution? Why are they so afraid to listen? What are they afraid of? Could it be that they are afraid that there is some truth in what we are saying? Could it be that they realize that once they start to address the abuses they are possibly opening the floodgates? Your leaders ask you to pray that the Lord mitigates this persecution. The abuses happened. Prayers will not make them, their effects or us the victims go away. It is that simple. So long as your leaders think they can ride this storm out with the occasional fear mongering and victim smearing Gn, you the innocent missionary Family member will suffer. Sadly, It seems your leaders do not know that, or do not care.

Ask your children or your brothers and sisters the questions. They will tell you. The truth has a way of finding the light. This will all come out. Your children and brothers and sisters are looking for answers, they are looking for resolution, and they are looking for justice. They won’t stop until they get them, and your leaders know this.

Daniel Albatross.

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from Auty
Tuesday, November 05, 2002 - 16:37

I recently spoke to one of my good friends who is still in TF & was in a position of leadership not too long ago.
#1 I would like to say that the Vandari GN is a REAL GN . . .in case anyone was wondering. She had it in her hands as we spoke.
#2 She mentioned that there WAS a video in regards to Ricky that was passed around TF with Maria talking on it . ..against her son.
#3 She also said there was a Summit Meeting not too long ago where everyone voted to change some of TF rules on education issues, requiring that all children are educated up to GED. This was several years back & she said NOTHING has changed, in fact, it stuff has come out to the contrary discouraging education.
#4 She also mentioned that there are A LOT of supporters in TF in regards to this suit. She, for one, is happy that this is happening because it'll bring about change & feels that TF needs to be held accountable for their actions.
All of these comments are, of course, off the record, but are kind of neat coming from an "insider."
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from EyesWideShut
Monday, November 04, 2002 - 23:18

I sent a copy of this to all my friends and family still in the group. I'll probably lose a few but felt I wanted them to understand.
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from Bella
Monday, November 04, 2002 - 22:30

Good for you Daniel. Again, if you need any help at all, let me know.

You are SO going to get into UCLA Law! – Damn, you should shoot for Harvard!

Keep up the good work fellow bruin!

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