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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Seeking Justice

from 1975 to 2006

from LUCE - Sunday, March 19, 2006
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what happened to me because of Renaissance Home Mumbai

I read yr article about the Rodriguez case and the Family,formerly Children of God.Unluckily I know a lot about them,having lived this story on my skin. I think that my story will interest you because there is an American from San Francisco involved.His name is Robert Wylie Harris .He is involved with those people since 1969.In 1975 he was in italy and there met a 17 year old girl,Odette Janaway,who is my wife now.They fell in love but as she was a minor he was sent away.However they kept in touch and in 1977 she joined him in Amsterdam.Again,the Children of god prevented them from being together and they split for years.After amny years they found each other again and he encouraged her to join him in India,where he lived in falt which rent was paid by The Family.Last November she ran away and left me and my three minor kids and went to Bombay.There they lived for two months as man and wife.The Family was fully aware of this stituation (though the shepherd denied it to me)and let them have this kind of relationship in front of everyone,children included (and they say the children are their utmost care!
The Family repeatedly promised my wife that,if she came back to Italy and got a legal separation,she would have been free to live with them in Mumbai as an effective member with Mr.Harris (Renaissance home,Powai,Hiranandani Gardens Eden 3 00912256007546).instead they let her go back and then rejected her,causing her a terrible damage and compromising her health.Our marriage is over,our kids are suffering and life will never be the same.
In India they present themselves as an NGO called FAMILY CARE and they hae homes in Calcutta,Hyderabad,Bangalore Chennai..They are very clever in finding frail and suffering people and use them.during xmas time they made a lot of stalls in companies like JPMorgan,Wipro,Tata,Intelenet.Of course the management doesn’t know who they really are,so they get money from people with fraud.
The less important members like Mr Harris are totally subject to the will of two or three people,who suggest them pretending they receive words from God through prophecies.This total annihilation is gotten through hours and hours of prayer and intensive suggestion.
Mr Harris is totally at their mercy.He is the one in the home who gives more money.When my wif was there he was subtly persuaded to wirte in USA and ask money.The money was used ti buy a new AC car for the shepherd.He was made to write to his sister too.
He’s separated from his wife Faithy who lives in Calcutta with their kids.She shamelessly uses them:Mr Harris has to BEG her and the home to see them every four months for ten days and no more.He’s not authorized by the Calcutta shepherd to take them out by himself and has to sleep on a mattress because they won’t give him a bed.And he has legal visitation rights!. She decided to fight against The family and I agree with her,not for the same reasons,but I agree.She told me the Davidito story,who really shook her and shocked me.In Italy,Europe and India this story is not known so many people don’t know what The family really is.My wife is determined to let them know and I agree with her.We’ll send yr article to Italian journalists and magazines and to “Times of India”
We really hope you’ll publish our letter or maybe write an article on this story.It won’t save our marriage,won’t help our kids,but maybe somebody will open his eyes.
Our best regards
Giuseppe Merico Odette Janaway

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from an
Tuesday, May 01, 2007 - 19:39


Somthing needs to be done about TF in India. I have contacts there and I could probably get Information for a Media Strike. Althought TF in bombay and banglore has contacts with the owners of the newspapers there. Luce your story seems very far fetched althought i do remember sompeople in india talking about some big prayer against persecution. Don't know if its the same thing.
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from Rain Child
Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - 19:20


You were threatened because of this?

Seems weird.
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from exister99
Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 08:58


I recently got a call from a woman with a similar story. Seems her husband was getting all cozy with a woman from one of the many homes in the Houston Area. While I am loath to mire myself in peoples' interpersonal histrionics I did share with her my insights into the way the Family works. Apparently this was at least somewhat helpful since last I heard her husband is a recovering "Family addict."

On the flipside of the coin these degenerates pretty much deserve all of the misery they cause each other. While it is tragic that those in the real world that care about them have to suffer, once they hop on to the deluded magic carpet ride of the cult they pretty much deserve to be wherever that ride takes them, sleeping on the floor, depressed, scamming for a living, whatever.

My advice would be to file for divorce, seperation or some such. Just load up the court dockets with complaints and suits that she will never be able to answer, leaving her legal status in permanent limbo, and likely eviscerating all of her rights to her children and communal assets. Then send her a letter informing her of her new legal status and tell her to put that in her pipe and smoke it. Finally, have a chuckle and move on with your life.
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from cassy
Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 06:36

Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)

It's good to hear stories like this from people who have been messed up by the Family though not even members because it refutes their lie that they are doing so much good in the world. I imagine the negative impact of the family on "sheep" and "provisioning contacts" etc throughout the last 30 years has been considerable but not very well publicised or known.

I have been concerned about India for a while because the Family seems to be really strong there at the moment with Activiated and they are making a lot of profit there, but have been relatively unchallenged. More awareness needs to be raised in these 3rd world countries where the Family thinks they can hide.
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From Rain Child
Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 05:27

Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)
I feel the same about India. I went there as a last-ditch effort to stay in The Family, believing that if I went to India I would really be helping people who needed it most, making a difference in the world, and I would really see what The Family is all about.
What I saw was a sham. I often felt like I was the only one in the home who cared passionately about the CTPs, everyone else just ignored them except to play them up big for fundraising purposes... well, I shouldn't say everyone, but it seemed like when the shepherds did take a genuine interest in them it was for a photo or video opportunity, with the fundraising that would come later being the main motivation. As much as I loved India and it was an irreplacable life experience for me, The disappointment with The Family there was very bitter. They were more cult-like than The Family I've seen anywhere else, and things just became more and more bizarre and unbearable until I had to leave. I couldn't brow-beat or shame one more business into 'sponsoring' a CTP that was already being done for free, or take one more load of free food for slum children knowing that 90% of it went to the homes. I couldn't sell one more video for 100x the regular price of a video in India. (not an exaggeration)I would still love to go back and do more for India and Sri Lanka one day, but my faith in NGOs in general is badly shaken.(reply to this comment
Monday, March 27, 2006, 04:23


The Family has no legal status as a 501 (3)(c) and I don't think they have any legal status as a religious organization or charity, yet they gallivant around as an NGO. I think the Family Care Foundation does have non-profit status but, according to them, they have have "no connection" to the Family International.

All that to say, Rain Child, I've worked with a real NGO and it's nothing like the cult. Of course, some are better than others, but don't let your faith in them be totally shaken :)

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From Rain Child
Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 05:31

The reason I said, 'NGOs in general', was because during that time of disillusionment in India, I contacted a friend who was working for TF in Africa. She told me about some wonderful things they were doing there, building schools, conducting medical operations, etc. But she told me that UNICEF representatives were living in 5-star resorts, driving hired Mercedes, and waiting for some directions from their superiors, getting nothing done. Then also while I was India, I saw funds from the Red Cross being misappropriated by corrupt local governments. I have been sponsoring a child through World Vision, but I will always have the possiblity in my mind that they are just lying to me and I'm throwing my money away. I have a very real desire to do something, and if I ever get very rich,(yeah, I know, dream on) I'll start a foundation myself, but until then, I feel very sceptical about where the money goes with pretty much every organisation.(reply to this comment
Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 06:46

Someone in TF has a medical degree?(reply to this comment
From Rain Child
Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 06:52

Well, yes, that's what I asked her, and interestingly enough, they were helping doctors to perform operations in medical camps under tents, acting as nurses really, they were allowed to do the suturing, etc. The doctors just showed them what to do, and they did it with no medical training. Apparently this is common when they have these medical camps in Africa as the influx of patients is far greater than the medical staff can deal with. I was astounded as well.(reply to this comment

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