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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Seeking Justice

The Family Care Foundation: The special squad

from Information on FCF - Wednesday, January 19, 2005
accessed 2119 times

“My special squad (FCF) has been surrounded by the enemy for so long, mingles with the world as spies to be able to carry the load of the Family”

From a prophecy allegedely from Jesus for Grant Montgomery (Gary) on his birthday, given April 9th 1999 to FCF home members

It’s impossible to know where to start with the Family Care Foundation which is both a secretive WS Family home and a non-profit organisation rolled into one. The board of directors includes child rapists and molesters and the organisation is run by former Family Mastermind and “Prime Minister”, the not surprisingly media shy Grant Montgomery (Gary, Paul Papers).

At least 4 project directors working directly with children through the FCF have a history of serious sexual abuse and physical brutality to children. Three of them were named in the British high courts in 1995 as having sexually and physically abused children. Two years later the Family Care Foundation incorporated and appointed these individuals to work with children in the US and the developing world.

One of those FCF project directors named in court: Mr. Paul Pelequin actually made child pornography videos of the children he was supposed to be caring for in a Family Ministry in Greece. The videos were then sent on by request to the to the home of David “Moses” Berg, Montgomery and the other cult leaders. Paul Pelequin known as Josiah in the cult was involved in setting up of the FCF with Montgomery in 1997.

The Family Care Foundation told Rick on one of the occasions when he visited them before his death that they knew that people were trying to expose them but that they weren’t worried because they had the best lawyers. A few months later Rick would murder one of its former board members who was also a resident in the FCF home and was involved in molesting him as a child

The FCF is so deeply connected to relocating the major child abusers in the cult and have been involved in so much deception that it is very difficult to know where to begin. I will provide as much information as possible over the next few days and make available to the media information about what was occurring behind the scenes with regards to investigations into the FCF over the course of 2004.

Rick, rest in peace brother. They will face justice.

During January 2004 the Combined Federal Campaign a US government body which raises money in the workplace and distributes the funds to different charitable organisations received a flood of emails about one of the organisations on their books. That organisation was the Family Care Foundation:

The flurry of attention came after it became publicly known that a serious child molester who had routinely abused children in the Family during the eighties had been funded and appointed by the Family Care Foundation to work with children in the far-east in 1997 and was still posing as a humanitarian and working with children at that time (Dec 03).

A link to this man’s web page on the site along with a request for information on him was posted on on December 6th 2003

This man is known in the cult as Peruvian Francis and in the FCF by his real name Victor L. Trigoso. He was a notorious child abuser who is alleged amongst other crimes to have sexually assaulted children from the Family while they were sleeping.

Within a month of Trigoso appearing on, an email was written to Grant Montgomery about this situation and CC’d to the Combined Federal Campaign and a number of child protection agencies. Within hours Grant Montgomery removed all information about this man from the FCF website

(Montgomery would later do the same thing with the web page of Mary Malaysia another child abuser who is working through his foundation with children in Africa, this time cropping her out of the photos on the page and removing her name. He then removed all the FCF project web pages that featured the same people and project names that were on the Family International website)

Victor L. Trigoso’s FCF web page is reposted here:

And the first page of his own website which came down at the same time is reposted here:

Not long afterwards a detailed letter, which was compiled with the help of a number of ex-members containing information about the Family Care Foundation’s ties to the cult including information on Victor L. Trigoso was sent to the Combined Federal Campaign.

The following is a brief excerpt from that letter written to the head of the Combined Federal Campaign, Ms. Mara Patamaster and sent on the 4th of February 2004:


“"FCF lends a strong voice internationally, speaking out for human dignity , economic justice, moral values, and civic responsibility."

1) The Family conceives the Family Care Foundation:
The conception by Family leadership of a legal entity, which was incorporated as the Family Care Foundation in 1997 to promote and forward the aims of the Children of God/ the Family , is outlined in the following ‘Family’ publication FSM 320. I include the file attached in PDF form and a screenshot from the Family’s ‘Family members’ website that indicates its origin.

The man referred to as ‘Gary’ in this document is Grant Montgomery the President of the FCF. The man referred to as ‘Peter’ is Chris Smith, formerly Steven Kelly . He is currently the second highest leader in the Family second only to ‘Queen Maria ’ Karen Zerby or ‘Mama’. The man referred to as Paul, is Paul Pelequin (Josiah) described later in this document. The man referred to as ‘Dad’ is the deceased leader of the Family David Berg (Moses David). The quotes attributed to Jesus are alleged to be the words of the biblical Jesus Christ channeled to the leaders of the Family. Besides advising on forming legal entities such the FCF, Jesus also regularly provides reviews of current film releases for Family members through its Grapevine magazine.
This man who was last known as Chris Smith, he may have changed his name again (or peter Amsterdam) made admittance to the English High Court in 1995 of the Family’s role in promoting sex and sexual relations with children. The degree to which he is implicated in crimes against children is, I am sure, a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and does not need further elaboration at this point.

What happened over that next few months is a source of much frustration and mystery, despite the information that was sent, and the provision of academic references and many phone calls to the Combined Federal Campaign, they after their review of the FCF decided to continue to support them. Unbelievable. This enraged a number of individuals working on providing information to the point that the San Diego Sheriff’s office; FBI and District Attorney were then contacted about this scandal.

More to come.

For more information on the FCF contact:

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from Information on FCF
Friday, January 21, 2005 - 00:16


might be a bit easier to read this time!

(reply to this comment)

from Ralph Crayon
Thursday, January 20, 2005 - 07:30

If people are doing interviews and detailing abuse, then it might be a good idea to mention if the abuser is now working or previously worked with children through the FCF or is a board member or whatever of the Foundation. Just a thought..
(reply to this comment)
from Regi
Thursday, January 20, 2005 - 04:41


Sarafina and Albatross,

You have probably already thought of this, but just in case....It would probably be a good idea to include the Family Care Foundation in any statement you give the press, such as the one you are working on for ABC.

I also noticed on the Anderson Cooper report that he used "The Family" instead of "The Family International." It seems they are trying to run from their past with their new name, so it would be a good idea to stress the "Family International" and link it to "The Children of God," "The Family of Love," and "The Family."

Thanks for all you're doing!!
(reply to this comment)

From if the FCF remain...
Thursday, January 20, 2005, 05:43

Well if after all this media mayhem and exposure if the FCF remain a registered non-profit foundation and retain their tax exempt status then whats the point? What hope of making the Family accountable if a legal body like the FCF can keep doing whatever they want and keep facilitating child molesters from the cult with new idenditys and a fresh communities of kids in 3rd world countries to win over for the lord and molest. (reply to this comment
from Ralph Crayon
Thursday, January 20, 2005 - 04:26


more info on Family Care Foundation
The Family began planning the formation of the FCF soon after the exposure of the British Court case. A considerable amount of time and energy was invested into this operation, spearheaded by Grant "Gary" Montgomery who is now its president.

The formation of the FCF allowed the Family to again change its name so as it could operate freely without the direct negative association to the Family of Love and the revelations of the UK ruling in 1995. This tactic was employed more than a decade earlier when the leaders of the Children of God changed the name of the cult to the Family of Love.

Furthermore the FCF allowed the Family to benefit from tax exempt status and legitimize Family members around the world and give them the appearance of genuine missionaries and charity workers in their current locations.

The Family actually produced a detailed publication with prophecies from the now Deceased David Berg about the FCF and its role in heralding in a new age for the group

(reply to this comment)

from Information on FCF
Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - 23:54

In the Family Care Foundation’s 1997 IRS form 1023 application for tax exemption there is an omission of significant importance on page 6.

Available at:

Mr Lawrence Corley executive Director of the Family Care Foundation ticked the box marked No where the applicant is asked: “Is this organisation the outgrowth (or successor to) another organisation or does it have a special relationship by reason of interlocking directorates or other factors?”
There is a significant amount of documents originating from the Family itself to prove the special relationship between the FCF and the Family. The omission is obviously especially relevant considering the Family’s / Children of God’s history with the international police over child sexual and physical abuse
(reply to this comment)

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