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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Seeking Justice

Apostates with no life

from Albatross - Monday, March 15, 2004
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apostates and "no life"


One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.

One who has forsaken the faith, principles, or party, to which he before adhered; esp., one who has forsaken his religion for another; a pervert; a renegade.

One who, after having received sacred orders, renounces his clerical profession.

By these definitions the majority of FGAs must be considered apostates since they choose to leave the religions they were raised in for a life of obedience in The Family.

Zerby is an apostate. Peter Amsterdam is an apostate. Lonnie Davis is an apostate.
Claire Borowick is an apostate. Daniel C Roselle is an apostate. Sara Davidito is an apostate. David Berg was an apostate. Etc Etc Etc.

The word apostate has no relevance in our intergenerational dialogue since the fact that we are no longer attached to the religion of our upbringing is a state common to both the ex Family SGAs and the FGAs. We could just as validly refer to the FGAs as apostates as they do to us.

One could argue that their use of this word as a complaint against us is akin to a kidnapper complaining that his victim, having now returned to his/her original and rightful family, is somehow in the wrong for having rejected the kidnapper’s control.

No life:

I hear this term bandied about by some of the Family apologist on this site, as well as Family members. It is usually couched as follows: ”Oh, you people who are complaining about TF have no life.”
It’s even more interesting when coming from Family members.
Someone who for the next six months will not be able to: use the internet, watch movies, watch TV, read novels, have more than 8oz of alcohol, have sex with anyone out side a small group of @ 5k people scattered across the globe (not counting children of course), go into town alone, may perhaps sit in a shopping mall blowing and shaping balloons into animals, must read the writings of a very small group of people,
must be part of “the era of obedience”, cannot go clubbing, send their children to a real school, etc etc.
This person will tell me I have no life because I have time to agitate, write about, research, and organize against the abuses of TF.
Here’s how I found the time: I cut out devotions, waiting in line for the bathroom, disinfecting myself after being out in the “system”, meetings, word time, corrections, clowning, prayers before driving, before eating, before having sex, before bed, before playing sports. It’s amazing how much time for productive work, relaxing fun, interesting school, and just general hedonism I found once I eliminated the above waste from my schedule.

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from xolox
Tuesday, March 08, 2005 - 09:48

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TF is right. I have no life since I no longer have 30 splattered toilets a day to look forward to cleaning.

And I must really be disgruntled since I don't look back with fondness at the option of eating chicken feed or going hungry.

I'm sure I must be an apostate. Because I'm no longer at the mercy of sadistic chronically knocked up old bitches!

And I'm certainly out of the lords will, because I never rummage through someone else's throwaways for my best Sunday suit.

I must be listening to the Devil, 'cause I can actually spell correctly most of the time.

And worst of all, I can say the word FUCK and mean it in a bad way. (Singing in Metallicas tune) Oh poor vandari me...

(reply to this comment)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005, 11:55


Last night I had another dream about endless toilets to clean. It wouldn't have been so bad if I was paid something, anything at all, or had home, however humble, to retreat to beyond the grasp of the molestor and the opressors at day's end, if I'd had any hope at the time of a better life.

Those days are receding further away, but I still have the dead end nightmares, mostly that after a day of unpaid menial labor I am on dishes...including all the peripheral tasks on the checklist like sweeping and mopping the communal dining room floors...(reply to this comment

From xolox
Tuesday, March 08, 2005, 13:11


In my extensive toilet cleaning experience, it was the PG moms bathrooms that were the filthiest. Even diharretic children came nowhere near the disgust produced (spitefully in my oppinion) by these breeders. It always seemed like they had it in for me. It's so monkeylike to make statements with feces and urine. (and blood). I still don't understand how they managed such ichor daily.

And what was the point of continuously dropping child after child when they could ill afford to feed the ones they had?

My life was so unbearable that I actually looked forward to sweeping and mopping floors. It was the only time I could demand that everyone get the fuck out! I would take as long as I could which would earn me more demerits, which would earn me more toilets, which would cause me to look forward to floor cleaning. On and on it went. Ridiculous!(reply to this comment

From Mir
Wednesday, March 09, 2005, 05:59


I feel sorry for those poor women. What an awful trade off- ruining your body and your health in exchange for some extra food, the odd lie in and some help with the kids. If you were a leader, however, you were the queen bee! I remember this one woman who came from the Phillipines to India, she was freaking OBESE and the "pregnant mommies" cupboard was stuffed with all the goodies. Because she was a leader, she got it really good. She had zillions of kids and all the peons in the home had to help her with them etc. It was alright for some but absolute CRAP for others

(reply to this comment

From Baxter
Wednesday, March 09, 2005, 06:14


That wasn't Aussie Becky, was it?

I remember taking care of this baby practically from birth to it's first birthday because the mother - despite already having TEN children - wanted to keep her 'other' function: so i got dumped with the kid. Do you know how hard it is to fully bond with a child to whom you are not related to at that age, and in relation to its infancy. it stressed me the fuck out, I'll tell you.(reply to this comment

from Mydestinyismine
Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 02:26

Let's not forget my favorite, Pow-wowing movies.
(reply to this comment)
from jez
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 11:30

I think you might find that to be an 'apostate' one would have had to have made the decision to join the religion one then turns one's back on. A choice none of us had the opportunity to make, as it was made for us by our 'apostatic' parents. So Zerby the geek can girate on any, or all of her sticky-from-hairy-pie fingers!
(reply to this comment)
from Spring
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 09:09

OMG! I had forgotten about all that wasted time. Too funny! No wonder we could never seem to accomplish anything in one day...
(reply to this comment)
from cheeks
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 08:53

LOL! So true, it really must suck to be them. I wouldn't be suprised if after three months they don't have anyone left who could stand it after having freedom.
(reply to this comment)
from Bella
Monday, March 15, 2004 - 13:05

ahhh Dan, this is great.
(reply to this comment)

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