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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Generations

thoughts & the Ricky Memorial, from an FG mother

from Vee - Saturday, March 19, 2005
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This day, to commemorate Ricky’s death, besides a gift my husband and I sent, I can only participate in thought and in prayer. In my heart there is sadness and grief, there is also anger and there is frustration.

The anger and frustration is toward myself for having been blinded for so many years by the cults doctrine and also toward the leading members of the cult who take no responsibility for Angela and Ricky's death. I stand with the person who commented here: A mother with a true mothers heart would ask herself, What have I done wrong for such a tragedy to happen?

I was so indoctrinated & gave little thought toward my biological family, our so-called "flesh family". So when my father-in-law died, a truly special man, we decided to "let the dead bury the dead" and went on doing the "Lord'ss work". (??!!) We did not make an effort to try to attend the funeral, the excuse being we were on the "mission field". It hurts to realize in how many ways I failed my family, my kids and yet so prided myself being one of Gods special elects!!

Most of the time I can go on and put things in the past, but events like Ricky's death just bring up so much grief that is hard to bear. Also, I can only but pray for my oldest daughter, who is still a member. The cult cuts deep ties that separate loved ones. How could Zerby and Peter stay so indifferent and not come to terms with the imaginary life they live? The sad thing is that their "flock" won't think and act for themselves.

In this life each individual is meant to think and act according to his own conscious, his Higher Self and be a responsible human being on this planet earth. I admire you young people who have your feet on the ground. It gives me hope for the future.

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from moon beam
Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 12:37

Vee, Moving on seems to have gained a self appointed "FGA shooer-nazi" Don't take it personally. I hope you can come to some sort of peace within yourself.

I do agree on one thing Conan said though, and that is the light that is shone on TF has been and will be from it's many victims. The "lord" has had nothing to do with it.

Conan, Just thought I'd point out that Vee posted in the 'Generations' section.

(reply to this comment)
From conan
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 13:08

Ok. Point taken about where it was posted. That being said, do not accuse me of being a nazi. I'm Jewish (yes, surprise, surprise there were some of us in TF) and do not like the comparison. My apologies to anyone I offended by posting what I did earlier, but I definately didn't warrant that!(reply to this comment
From Vee
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 23:00


Tks for taking note of where I posted. Also, the God's light penetrating TFI and dissolving it statement has been edited out. When I originally wrote about how I was feeling I wasn't thinking about movingon until my husband said it might be good for Generations. We agree that talk of some kind of "divine intervention" bringing down evil doers isn't the kind of stuff the SG wants to hear about anymore. In the cult, we dished enough of that out to you day in and day out, didn't we? Sorry for how that got posted here.

We are both with the SG and everything that's being done to bring the abusers to account.(reply to this comment

From conan
Thursday, March 24, 2005, 10:37

Woohoo. That makes you ultra-popular!!(reply to this comment
From moon beam
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 13:27

I was kinda going with the "Grammar nazi" parallel, Joe H esq stylie, twas in jest. (reply to this comment
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 14:16

From moon beam
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 15:51

I don't know, it was just a light hearted comparison between the zeal, which Joe has in his "grammer nazi" role towards grammer and Conan's zeal against SGAs on this site. Nevermind. (reply to this comment
From conan
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 16:01


Conan's zeal is not directed against SGAs at all.(reply to this comment

From moon beam
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 16:03

Eeech! Sorry, I meant FGAs. (reply to this comment
From conan
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 16:17

I know!(reply to this comment
From one who knows
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 14:45

yes it does. be well.(reply to this comment
From Annie Oakley
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 15:11

Be Fucked!(reply to this comment
from conan
Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 11:04

Average visitor agreement is 2.5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 2.5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 2.5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 2.5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 2.5 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)
I'm sure your emotional support is appreciated by several, possibly even many, ex-members on this site. That being said, prayer doesn’t help anyone or anything. So you can continue to pray for your oldest daughter, but guess what?? She’s praying her dear little heart out for you I’m sure every day of her pathetic, miserable existence. Now, kindly leave our site and save any future ‘supportive’ comments you may have for recently departed ex-members for the deceased’s family and do not post on this site. No offense, but you’re an FGA and in my opinion, you and your kind are responsible for my oppression and the oppression of my friends and our collective rights by nature of your voluntary participation in our abuses. Bye now!! Don’t come back!
(reply to this comment)

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