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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Leaving

In the room.......

from Lance - Saturday, July 27, 2002
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I little something that I put together with the help of Sunny during one of my spouts of boredom.

The room

In the room: Family home.

You’re never alone: Peers, shepherds; those that will have "personal time" with you; girlfriends, brothers, sisters, family.

Lots of people are with you, they say it is your home: The Family has been your destiny since you were born; everyone and everything that surrounds you is a constant reminder of this. You are comfortable here.

The room it has a window: the Family has a way of portraying the outside world; the view that you only see through their eyes. You get your news from the Family; the way they see politics and everything else that has to do with the outside world; you are thoroughly engrossed in the Family’s way of viewing the outside world.

And your name above the door: you are the future of the Family; this is where you belong; you are the only hope for the future of humanity.

"Who wants to go out now?" they say. "It’s nice and warm in here": the system will only make you miserable; education will make you a slave to the system. Isn't it better in this little fantasy world that we have created? After all, we love you, everybody here loves you. Nobody wants to see you backslide; miss your calling, or fail. (There is supposedly no conflict in the Family, thus making it warm and cozy.)

Come have a talk with us, we love to have you near: let’s have a discussion about how the antichrist wants to make us all martyrs; after all that is what you were born to be. You feel at home reveling in our private abysmal fantasy world; there is no need to think about anything else.

(Somewhere in here can be added: I pledge my love, loyalty, and service to my savior, commander and chief, Jesus Christ, and to his endtime army, the revolution for Jesus. By the grace of God, I am determined to be a faithful soldier; to fight for the right, stand up for the truth, and to love and win as many souls as I can for his heavenly kingdom.)

Remember it's your turn now, go ahead and roll the dice: Take a chance on the future, it is your "call to arms", you are the future kings and queens of the millennium. (Rolling the dice is your "step of faith", or life of faith, AKA NOT HAVING A REAL JOB OR FUTURE.)You are the next leaders of the Family, the future generation who will decide its fate; it's all up to you...

It's a nice little game in the room where it's always nice: despite the doubts, questions and concerns, you still get some of your needs met. Perfect strangers will fuck you for no reason; you live in a blissful environment! Why care about the outside world?

But I want to see: I don't want to be dictated my instructions on how to live, what to do, what to eat, what to listen to, who to sleep with, what to think or what not to think. I want to see the world through my OWN experiences, and not those told through "the Letters".

I want to feel: I want to try things! I want to wake up hung over. I want to try and possibly fail and then have the privilege of learning the wrong way, and I want to choose what I believe in; the way I wish to express myself. I want to try drugs even though I know they are bad for me. I want to struggle against a harsh society so that I can have the satisfaction of success when I finally do succeed.

I hear the wind blowing: I have doubts, questions and concerns. They are in the back of my mind and must be answered.

I'll climb out the window: I'll take your interpretation of the system and run with it; I'll learn myself.

If you won't open the door: If you won't help me find the answers the easy way; if you won't give me an education so that I can decide if I want to stay or not; if you won't support me in my desire to know more.

I'll do anything: Whether I leave today or in thirty years, the truth is inevitable.

I know there's got to be more: I will always doubt. I have a burning sensation and whether I feel it sharply or not, it is there. Maybe what I'm living isn't the divine truth.

Sleep on my son, tomorrow is another day: take life as it comes, live by faith; don't worry about the future of your children, parents and loved ones... God will take care of everything, all you need to do is what we tell you.

Don't fret yourself for things that will never pay: You don't need an education, your "vocational" training is all you need to survive. We don't need those books and theories stuffing up our heads, can't you see it's vanity if we all end up dead? Don't invest in the future because you will fail.

Our room it has the space, and there's a place for you: So what if we lose members? There will always be blissfully ignorant foreigners we can recruit to our ranks to make up for the backslidden youth. Let's just keep recycling ourselves so that we can keep the revolution alive. I'm sure we can find you a spot in some backward country changing diapers and ripping off the desolate populace of a despotic regime of their yearly salary so that Auntie Sunshine can indulge in the communal wine. As a new disciple you must strip yourself of all your worldly knowledge and belongings, "we share everything" here. (Yeah, right!)

We've been here a long time, and there's nothing left to do: In the history of the Family we have won about 16 billion souls and distributed 1.8 trillion pieces of lit. We've been around for nearly four decades but we seem to revolutionize every four seconds, sorry I meant years. And if you have a problem with that then you can just leave, it's YOUR choice! The door is that way. The 2/3rd majority vote is only to give a cosmetic sense that you are truly in charge of your lives. If the ZERB gut’s a message from God that he is "the lamb" and therefore we must "love him" and then begins to implement mandatory lamb fucking, well, you have no say in that! If you don't like it you can just leave, nobodies going to make you fuck a goat, I mean lamb! The goat would be SATAN!

And there's nothing left to do: WS is brainstorming to find new Family policies that can make them look weirder to the public. (The new Family salute is near completion. Instead of a traditional hand jester or military-type salute, a male family member will spread his leg, stick his head between them and bite his own balls; thus is a symbol of a man ridding himself of his worldly masculinity and ripping off his testicles with his bare teeth and then handing them to Jesus before Christ takes him to his "love chamber". Women must paste golden glitter to their tongues; when addressed they will stick their tongues out to reveal that they have indeed taken "God's golden seed".)

Relax and don't talk so loud: The Family doesn't want you to think about...well, about anything! Just relax and let the ZERB interpret life for you. So relax, give into the propaganda and for God's sake, don't say anything controversial. This whole "leaning on the ZERB" thing is very unstable; one tiny thought could result in a cataclysm of doubt that will surely damn you to spend a thousand years washing dishes in heaven while the rest of us are fucking the holy spirit, using our magic wands to flip through the channels on the 3D sphere and clean the dishes. You don't get a wand because you doubted; you have to wash the dishes by hand. Now, go cry on Jesus’ shoulder!

Wait very patiently: The endtime is just around the corner man, but be patient. Our moment of glory will come.

I knew a man; he told me he was free: Jesus?

He'll sell you a record that sounds just like the wind: heavenly flatulence? The Family's poor attempt at living a musically gifted lifestyle?

You can play it all you want and still stay in: you see the Family has everything! Including music blatantly ripped off from popular system artists, so you see, they are trying to give you the world here, a "brackish” and poorly defined sense of it but we're doing our best!

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from Mir
Friday, January 10, 2003 - 14:03

Excellent Lance... You hit the nail on the head
(reply to this comment)
from Kyla
Sunday, September 22, 2002 - 17:16

F***ing FANTASTIC!! Laughed my head off - must get award for 'Best Musical Interpretation' ... Congrats and thanks for a good laugh!
(reply to this comment)
From Lance
Sunday, September 22, 2002, 18:30

Thanks girl! Good to see you back!(reply to this comment

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