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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Creeps

Wife beaters and abusers

from Dr.4_Shure - Monday, August 09, 2004
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I was wondering if in The Family there were other stories relating to men who beat up their wives? This is another kind of abuse that seemed prevalent during my childhood. I remember waking up to the arguing, shouting, slaps, crying, and if I perked up my head to ask what was going on, I would be yelled at to “go back to sleep”.

My mom had unfortunately married this guy that was a former marine, after his wife dumped him and took off leaving him with three kids. My mom joined as a single mom with two to feed on top of being a “new national disciple”, and the ages between kids merged perfectly. She didn't want to be alone and he wanted someone to take care of the kids.

He was already a shepherd and after much traveling as a big family, he ended being posted as the Babes shepherd at the babes training center, in the north. Fucking every other babe on any road trip he could schedule became the norm, as well as making obscene sexual comments and gestures, using foul language 24/7; which at the time was unheard of supposedly, but it was flying off his tongue.

He threatened the other men in the home too. I remember vividly one night at the dinner table him threatening one of the men that didn’t agree with his demands that he would pour the whole jug of milk onto his head, (why the hell we were drinking milk at dinner I cannot recollect). Giggles broke out among the kids, but I could see from the look in his eye that he was serious about it.

I got to talk to someone recently about this and he told me all the men and babes were terrified of him. He was an alcoholic that drank up all our funds for the house bills and food. I was the seven year old bringing in the money, (as he couldn’t speak the language so he’d have to take me out with him.) To shut me up he’d treat me to an ice-cream to get rid of his guilt of drinking while out “witnessing”. There was never a lunch and I recall being so thirsty one day walking in the hot sun asking for a bottle of water and the reply came ice-cream or soda, soda so he could also mix it with his whisky.

One day mom baked a cake and asked me to sit down so she could explain something. She proceeded to tell me that there was no money, so would I mind eating this cake for the next 4 days, I sort of felt bad for mom but I said I understood but after four days of the same cake morning, noon, and night, as well as snack. I was relieved to have proper food on the table. The only way a their heated verbal arguments were resolved was with more sex.

Their arguments could be heard so often they were finally asked to leave and live on their own. We rented this posh house but haunted with ghost and full of snakes. Eventually the alcohol and yelling turned to smacks with the palm of his hand across moms face, I knew it wouldn’t stop and it would just keep going on.

When the Vs’s came down to correct the situation, he vehemently denied it all so they believed him. I knew the worst was still yet to come, then one day a fight broke out, I was in another room and they had locked the door but I could hear the screams so I peered through the key hole, witnessing one of those horrific scenes children should never be privy too.

He beat her and beat her and wouldn’t let up. He beat her so badly, mom’s two front teeth went missing, she couldn’t talk for days. We didn’t even have ice in the house so I ran out to get some, I cursed him with every breath in me. We ended having another brother pick us up from another home in the wee hours of the morning to flee, loading just the bare minimum as mom requested.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004 - 05:36

My step-dad beat my mom and us kids. The type of damage that does to a child's sense of self worth and worth of others is destructive and damaging and takes time as an adult to repair and re-learn and heal.
I had no respect for my step-dad for his cruelty and as a younger child none for my mom who "would put up with it" when I realised the position she was in, I still didn't trust her, knowing she could never keep me safe.
Without the help, support and understanding of our peers generaly it's easy for many cycles of abuse to be created.
(A son may have an a very domoneering mother, who decides he will not share control with his wife, lest she takes over completly, so tries to intimidate her.)
This is just one example of the mine field that is the balance between healthy parenting and abusive parenting.
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from panich77
Tuesday, November 02, 2004 - 03:30


It's what triggered my final decision to leave.

living on a double decker bus with a "shepherd" who beat his wife and kids, while at the same time fucking one of the "ya's" on board.

When i finally got the courage to call and tell my parents that this high ranking official was an alcholic and a wife beater...they said that i could write to "mamma" and they would pray for me.

like that would help.

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from occasional anonymous
Tuesday, August 10, 2004 - 07:42

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Damn dude, pretty messed up.

I know this stuff happened, always suspected it happened with my then stepdad & mom, we always had to leave the room during their fights & he'd get the same look and tone he did before he'd throw us kids up against the walls or down on the floor and drag us across it by our ear, but I've never seen it and she always denied it.

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From Moronic Minimee
Saturday, January 08, 2005, 10:01


I was born between a family member and a fish she hooked.

Naturally, my mom's husband didn't like me too much, although he had some little periods here and there where he liked to be extra nice and pretend he wanted to really be a father to me. (like after he was corrected by the shepherd that was also boning mom.)

This same dude also beat me with a paddle, threw me off the roof of our van, dunked me under water till I suffocated, shoved a bar of soap down my throat, made me sleep outside in the snow, (my sister snuck me a blanket, and gave me the key to the shed), applied scissors to my minimee while blurting threats, tossed me around by hair, my ears, hit me with a hammer, threw stuff at me, shoved me into a river, abandoned me for hours on witnessing trips, (drove away to gamble), chased me and crashed into me with his car, locked me in a closet with my mouth taped, (after I picked the lock on his briefcase & found animated porn comics.), "wrestled" with my sisters, and strangled me till I passed out and had to be "brought back".

I still have bad hearing after one incident, and I've got a trauma with any fat men wearing glasses, after the strangling incident. I also consider him responsible for the death of my half-sister who accidentally killed herself while he left her unwatched in his car.

Anyway, this dude beat up my mom, though she wouldn't admit it. I remember she'd come crying on my shoulder when I was like 3 or 4. you could hear them fucking after a fight, which seemed to be the only way the fights would end.(reply to this comment

From Dr.4_Shure
Sunday, January 09, 2005, 23:31



I'm terribly sorry for what happened to you, I think we can all pull to somehow never letting these things happen to any other kid. You seemed to have gone through a hell of alot worse.(reply to this comment

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