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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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from buda
Wednesday, August 07, 2002 - 22:06

In a word? How about Perg?
And yes, he wrote about it and said that it didn't matter what age, what the relationship was, if it didn't "hurt" then it was fine. Or was tht Zerby? I'll get back to everyone on that.
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from Anthony
Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 16:36

He also wrote an obscure letter entitled "Sex with Grandmother”, about a dream of he and his mother doing the nasty.
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from 30 year old memory.
Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 02:08

It seems that every time the AGE is brought up every body goes nuts....

Even Medical sites say "if a child asks or trys to have sex and thay say thay enjoyed it this shows a even worse mental problem". BULL!

At 30 I still remember at age 4 seeing a teacher have sex with another at school it gave me the same feelings I have now when I think of adult sex.

For years I wished so bad that a adult woman would find a way to touch and do to me what I saw. And Dont tell me that kids cant feel pleasure, I went to the bathroom and spit in my hand and rubed gently, AND I WILL TELL YOU THAT AT 14 IT DID NOT FEEL NEAR AS GOOD! so people need to look at the animal world at chimps and apes before saying that something is not normal.

We just cant seem to get over thinking humans are far better than any thing else....
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from Jo blo
Monday, February 25, 2002 - 21:04

Of course he outright spoke up for incest. For one thing he had this chapter written into the Heavens Girl book of him having sex with Techi from the spirit world when she is sixteen and he is dead. I know he didn't have a physical relation to her but he had raised her as his daughter and she was like eight at the time, and he was loking at her slobbering thinking "oh just wait till she is sixteen I am going to so fuck her really good, especially with my new heavenly super body. He also was saying in "sex with grandmother" that it was such a shame he was bound up in tradition when he travelled with her because if he knew then what he knew now he would have been having the time of his life with her. In one question and answer a father wrote in saying that he didn't think his twelve year old son should be having sex with the mom as it was a bit strange, and Berg blasted him that he was just a "jealous dad" who was still bound in the old law. He also discussed it positively in "the devil hates sex" and several other locations. Also in response to the letter "my childhood sex" Faithy wrote that it reminded her of all those "great front rubs he used to give her as a little girl" this was pubbed in the FNEC another FSM article they published detailed his goosing all the girls at the dinner table with his toes, to orgasms, including his daughter Faithy. And the list goes on
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from Lance
Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 06:06

Sorry I meant "what if maria IS just one of those crazy aunties that I hate?"
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from Lance
Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 06:03

the zerb sounds cool! THE ATTACK OF THE ZERB!
I remember even in the family thinking to myself "what if maria isn't just one of those crazy aunties that I hate?" I know now that my supressed instincts were right.
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from venus_fly_trap
Monday, February 11, 2002 - 16:46

To zerb and berg may you rot in hell where all your sins will be tripled. You'll be there for a long time since hell doesn't take small bills. and when you are done paying hell, i'm next in line...
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from porceleindoll
Friday, February 08, 2002 - 19:33

I think the letter you may be looking for is "Sex with Grandmother" and "The Devil Hates Sex". From my memory I can't remember that he actually outright said, "Yes, sex with your daughter, granddaugther, mother, father... is fine and dandy, go for it" but he definitely definitely insinuated at it, left the seed of thought in your mind, and led you to believe that God allowed it, using the Bible examples of Noah's family, of Lot and his daughters.

In Sex with Grandmother he had a dream about having sex with her in Heaven and you were left with the thought that "So, who knows, maybe it will happen in Heaven?" (I must admit, I was afraid that I was going to have to have sex with some of my immediate family in Heaven and it physically sickened me).

The Devil Hates Sex says something like, "so age and relation aren't a barrier as long as it's done in love", to that degree, probably not that exact wording. Those are among the letters we had to cut out during the purging days, so I don't think we could even get our hands on a copy of them anymore.

As for Berg's nickname, I have heard some refer to him as Perv.
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From Jules
Friday, February 08, 2002, 22:10

Here are the publications you are referring to, and some other quotes as well:> (PDF file). For me anyways, it's a bit upsetting to read this stuff again, I just can't imagine reading this as a parent and thinking the Family was a good place for my kids.(reply to this comment
From A daughter then a mother
Saturday, February 09, 2002, 14:07

It is also really hard for me to read this stuff.I am a mother now I I cant for the life of me ,understand how any mother/father could think that that was the word of "God".And not just reading it but doing it as well.

My mother had sex with me when I was a little girl.And I just cant get past the fact that,Mothers are sopose to have maternal instincs.Why, Why, Why would you, and How could you, do such a thing to your own child.

I would kill anyone who ever thought, joked about or did anything to one of my children.

A mother is soposed to protect her child. ( fathers too) I just cant understand these things.

I would kill myself before I let anyone lay a hand on one of my children. Or even sugjested such a thing.

And here these people just ate up that stuff." The new wine".

It just sickens me.I cant do the subject justice.If I think about it too long I just start crying,and I think I might go crazy.(reply to this comment
From Rock
Monday, July 22, 2002, 11:15

Dear A Daughter:

It was heartbreaking to read your post and it must have taken a lot of courage to say it. Although I am an FG I can appreciate your pain, I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

One of the huge problems with this whole issue is that Berg was a pedophile long before the whole family thing happened. As time went on he developed into a full fledged child molester. During this period he slowly corrupted the family into becoming a predominantly sexual cult. This does not excuse any indvidual member from accountability and responsibility.

I have to say that I never abused any children sexually while I was in the family. My responsibility, like others, is the fact that we did not take action against Berg when he started the sexual doctrines.( See heartbreak by Rock in Generations for more details)

I left the family for good when I saw the Davidito book, then I knew for sure he was a pedophile. The family is one of the most horribly unique cults ever in that it was run by a pedophile who was able to abuse his own children and other children at will. On top of this he was able to convince the parents of the victims that sexual abuse was ok and within "God's will". In addition he convinced parents and other members who then actually defended, aided and protected Berg while he commited these very serious crimes. The family still accepts his sexual doctrines to this day as evidenced by Maria and Peter's views.

In almost all Western countries he would be in prison for life. (ie: New York State - first degree felony = 20 years in prison) In other countries he could have got the death penalty.

In all the years that I have worked in child potection in the Canadian social service system with hundreds of abuse victims there is nothing that comes close to the size and scope of the things that all of you collectively suffered in the family as a result of Berg's perversions. In many ways what happened to you all has elements of ritual abuse in that children were abused with the cause rooted in a spiritual belief with the abuses repeated multiple times.

These factors make recovery from the abuse even more difficult. I was abused by Catholic Clergy and there were times I thought I was going crazy so I really can appreciate your feelings.

In many ways the feelings survivors have about their abuse are "normal" in the sense that they are going to respond emotionally, and even physically towards the traumatic abuse that happened to them. This is especially true as we get older and have time to reflect upon what happened to us. What was done to you as a child was criminal, wrong and should never have happened.(In my case I spent many years in extremes of behaviour responding to the effects of my abuse before and after the family. At one point I was very close to taking my own life over the family doctrines on abuse and without support from others I think I would have.)

I hope I don't sound like a know it all or like I am trying to tell you what to do. I really feel your pain and hope you can hang in until you recover.


Rocky(reply to this comment
From neezy
Thursday, July 04, 2002, 00:13

Their was just something missing wasn't there.. mentally

It's a basic primal urge, the 'parent instinct' should be the most powerful force on the planet. (lifting cars of trapped babies etc) Just look at any other 'dumb' animal in existence. They seem to figure it out all by themselves. It's very simple.. if someone tries to hurt your kids..they're not human (they're not even animal) & you would proceed to hurt them. You don't fuck up (your own)kids lives. the fact that it's done knowingly & in the name of 'good' & 'right'.. & all those other words that mean nothing to me at the moment..
Its fuckin unspeakable
which is where the severe denial comes from, which is what the 'family'(another meaningless word) is surviving off.
The only sane explanation for it, is that it never happened.. but at the moment, my own private padded room is soounding pretty good, & I need a cigarette :)

I know there isn't anything alive that could stop me from protecting my kids(someday). Which is the only shred of good I have ever been able to imagine from all this. If any ex member doesn't have a life long list of what-not-to-do-in-life.. then.. well I hate to think it could all happen again.. but that's how it started.. plain stupid ignorance from all parents concerned.

ok i'm done..(reply to this comment
From k
Thursday, July 04, 2002, 14:38

I've been able to excuse, forget and put out of my life things that were wrongfully done to me as a child. except things that were done to me by my own mother (and father). Thats something no matter how much I try to reason with it, it just doesn't make any sense. She betrayed her own animal instinct, for her own selfishness. she put herself before me and the rest of her kids. which made her a horrible mother. how do I grow up and trust people when the person that was supposed to love me beat for the love of her god. if the "f" believed in child sacrifice to the gods. my mother would have offered me to them gladly without a second thought... Now finally, after so many years of crying, being confused and having no one to talk to. I accept that my childhood was a horrible one and I want to move on but now my mother has left and got some sense back into her......Now, I'm supposed to forget the past and pretend like nothing ever happened. What do I do? (reply to this comment
From VWBabe
Friday, July 05, 2002, 13:16

I know what u mean K, I have the same problem with my mom who is in denial about the crimes she helped to commit. It angers me to see her denying that she was ever "into" any of those things, when I know full well that she just did whatever she was told to do and even more.
As a mother myself, I simply cannot understand how she saw her children going through what they did and didn't do anything herself.
She says we "don't understand what she went through", but personally, I don't think it's the child's responsibilty to understand their parents. However, it most certainly is the parent's responsibilty to protect their children and no matter how much I love my mom, I know that in this respect, she failed miserably!(reply to this comment
From k
Sunday, July 07, 2002, 16:25

vwBabe, Whats your relationship like with your mother? How do you seperate than and now? Can you make a general assumption about her like she was a bad mother and still is? Or are you completely confused on what to think. When my mom does something nice for me I can't help but wonder what her motive is. I'm not sure where to put bundaries with her. in the back of my mind I ALWAYS think there's a personal incentive for her actions or advice. Do I trust her or not? I want a "real" mother so desperately that it confuses my reality. (reply to this comment
From VWBabe
Tuesday, July 09, 2002, 16:54

My relationship with her is pretty good all things considered. My life is very separate from hers at this point and I separtate her then and now the same way I separate my life in the family from my life now - it happened, it's a part of me, but I'm not going to waste time on the past. I acknowledge it, I'm definately NOT going to live in denial, but I try to keep it in the past as much as possible without denying that part of myself.
I don't think I've made a general assumption that she was a bad mother. I know that in some ways she was a very good mother, and in some ways, she failed us as her children. As a mother myself, I can see why she finds that extreemly difficult to acknowledge, but I also understand that we all make mistakes, and I'm sure I have done and will do things in the future that my daughter will think improper or crticise me for later on.
However, I also can relate to your confusion on how to relate to your mom at present. I know I also have expressed a desire for a "real mom" at times, but realistically, the best thing I can do is just accept her for who she is right now: a slightly messed up (and to be honest, a bit more confused than I am about her place in life) individual true, but one whom I know loves me in her own way.
My mom is also having a difficult time ajusting herslef to the outside world. I know it's a lot more difficult for her than I as she's older, ill, and still has a thousand little ones to care for - these things are really her own fault, but I try and be as sympathetic as I can all things considered.
Well, I didn't mean to preach or tell you how you should relate to your mom, but thought I'd just let you know how I've been relating to mine. At the very least, you'll know that you're not alone in your mixed feelings about your mother.
Cheers!(reply to this comment
from EyesWideShut
Friday, February 08, 2002 - 18:57

I call Maria "the Zerb". I like it cause it sounds like some kind of a wart crusted, acid spitting alien:)

As for Berg, dunno. Would be nice to have an appropriate name thought, I agree.
(reply to this comment)
From Heather
Friday, July 05, 2002, 16:05

"Berg the Perv" is a good name for him!(reply to this comment
From VWBabe
Thursday, May 30, 2002, 14:46

I like "The Zerb" too. It reminds me of "The Zerg" which are these disgusting aliens from this computer game my husband's always playing.
Check out the graphic link:

Wadda thinnk? She look familiar!(reply to this comment
From Xeena
Sunday, February 10, 2002, 08:29

How's about "Jack Ass"(reply to this comment
From Nick
Monday, July 22, 2002, 09:32

I have been very dissapointed with my mother as well, she abused me in all ways possible exept sexual. Now im 35 and she pretends nothing happend. She did nothing to promote or help in any way when i grew up. I made it anyway and do anything i possibly can to be independent (yes im single!). Does anyone feel the same as i?. I can not talk to anyone about this. Did your mother and father make it impossible for you? I feel abused by my parents, by the system, but i still hang in there some how.(reply to this comment

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