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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Personal Accounts

The following are first hand personal accounts from survivors of abuse as children in The Family

192 accounts.
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so_called_evil - Sunday, January 16, 2005

Honey, I think most of us would simply like to be able to express our personal opinions, and leave it as that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, no one is entitled to dis anyone elses. I understand that your position on this is that Ricky was wrong for what he did; and yes, you are right. He was wrong to kill another human being.... but have you ever been raped? From what you say, obviously not. I have... 3 times to be exact and got pregnant from one. Honestly I have no idea who raped me each time, as I was unconscious, however, if I ever found out and met them... all I have to say is, there had better be someone with me to restrain me as I have no idea what I would do to that individual. So all this to say, I agree with you that Ricky had no legal right to do what he did, however, in my personal opinion, he had every moral right to ensure that Sue never hurt another child like she did him.

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Beth_Honey - Sunday, January 16, 2005

i was sexualy abused once that i can remember very clearly when i was 6 the mental and phsical abuse lasted till i left the family when i was 15.

i know the guys name and i know my mom was in the next room now a days she said i asked for it.

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We all live in a yellow submarine, , , - Sunday, January 16, 2005

Good day Mr. Sick of all this crap,

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones, with extra great parents. Not I.

Although I haven't experienced sexual abuse, I've been labelled as demon possessed, beaten till my skin peeled, forced to dig holes in the yard for discipline, slept in the snow, and strangled unconcious by overly zealous cultists. This action was never condoned in the family, but I still think the family is responsible to some extent. Since I've left, they've never contacted me, not even for Xmas, but they did call me up when their home was about to be evicted for non-payment of rent 3 months. Care about their kids my ass. Good relations my ass. The people that had a cushy life should keep their flower power and pot to themselves and not try to speak for everyone else. I think in general the family sucks. I know one too many who live less than average lives, are illiterate, reclusive, drunkards, potheads, suicidal, phobic, and only a handful that have actually rehabilitated and succeeded. The Family's history and the current results are what I find SICK. I don't give a shit if the abuse has decreased in recent years, the family should be held responsible for their past as well.

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Regarding John PI - Sunday, January 16, 2005

John this the same John PI that was married to Mary Mom? If so he was sexually inappropriate to me as a young girl in Japan. I will not go into details as this time but I was wondering if anyone remembers a young woman at the HCS in the early 90's. She had a daughter who was conceived in the Philipenes. I believe, if memory serves me right, that John PI was the father of this child. The mother was in her mid-teens when she got pregnant.
Does anyone remember this?

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Silence_Restriction_Kid - Friday, January 14, 2005

"As Christians, we deplore and are diametrically opposed to acts of violence and the suffering these inflict on innocent people."

Un..Fucking..believeable if there is one thing that took place in every cult hovel I ever had the misfortune of residing in. It would most definitely be violence. Sometimes brutal violence, against children under the age of 2. I have countless memories of my little sisters being savagely beaten while I stood helplessly by. I made the mistake of trying to say something about it once, suffice it to say I never repeated that mistake.

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Tara20 - Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hey Louisa,

are you Christal German's daughter who lived in India (Chembur) This is tara. I too have many traumas about the times we we given the "paddle" in the annex in Bombay every single fucking day. Remember they would hand out group demerits all day long andbefore we went to bed. Simon, Peter and Ivan...(some other I forget the names I was only 5 years old). Would paddle everyone on the bare bottom who had more than 3 demerits.

Then during the child abuse inquisitions because of the bruised bottoms of children we ha to pt an extra pair of pants on while they walloped our asses. I really can't take about this without becoming very emotional.

I remember during our arts and crafts class during school time uncle Ivan made a paddle and we helped him make it. That was our arts and crafts class. A paddle with holes so it would hurt more when he beat us is what he told us.

I remember the long "waiting a a line" with our fingers on our lips in hallways. I remember when I was 5 asking uncle Jesse of aunty Penny when it would be family day again as I hadn't seen my parents who lived in the DF home for some months. Because I had talked to uncle Jesse in childlike anticipation of wanting to go home I got paddled 10 times because "how dare we talk and ask him something like that".

I want to talk to all my old teachers and ask them if they have any idea what they did with us. I am mentally handicapped for life. This is the first time on this site and I get so mad and upset while reading as all these memories come flooding back. I have to admit what they brainwashed us into not believing. WE WERE CHILD ABUSED!

How can I help myself. I can't forget the past

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Moronic Minimee - Saturday, January 08, 2005

I was born between a family member and a fish she hooked.

Naturally, my mom's husband didn't like me too much, although he had some little periods here and there where he liked to be extra nice and pretend he wanted to really be a father to me. (like after he was corrected by the shepherd that was also boning mom.)

This same dude also beat me with a paddle, threw me off the roof of our van, dunked me under water till I suffocated, shoved a bar of soap down my throat, made me sleep outside in the snow, (my sister snuck me a blanket, and gave me the key to the shed), applied scissors to my minimee while blurting threats, tossed me around by hair, my ears, hit me with a hammer, threw stuff at me, shoved me into a river, abandoned me for hours on witnessing trips, (drove away to gamble), chased me and crashed into me with his car, locked me in a closet with my mouth taped, (after I picked the lock on his briefcase & found animated porn comics.), "wrestled" with my sisters, and strangled me till I passed out and had to be "brought back".

I still have bad hearing after one incident, and I've got a trauma with any fat men wearing glasses, after the strangling incident. I also consider him responsible for the death of my half-sister who accidentally killed herself while he left her unwatched in his car.

Anyway, this dude beat up my mom, though she wouldn't admit it. I remember she'd come crying on my shoulder when I was like 3 or 4. you could hear them fucking after a fight, which seemed to be the only way the fights would end.

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Haunted - Thursday, November 04, 2004

I've already written a long response to this sort of drivel.... read it if you want my lengthly response.

For now, let me just say that at the time you were born, I had already been raped, fondled, abused, spanked etc... numerous times. I had made a video of myself dancing naked for some pervy old man who wanted to see a naked, pre-pubescent 7 year-old gyrating to one of his favorite songs. My older brother was 14 years old and had been having sex with grown women for years.

I don't tell this sort of stuff regularly to my 19 yr old siblings, mostly because they had to go through their own abuse and also because I don't know what it would accomplish to tell them, but I felt compelled to let you know that just because you didn't experience it yourself, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Most of the original participants on this site are years older than I am and had experienced far worse, so much so that even I felt ashamed of the comparative hardships I struggled to come to terms with.

I know you're young, and I'm sure this is your way of dealing with your own issues. I hope life opens your mind and your heart to others' sufferings. Walk in peace....

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panich77 - Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's what triggered my final decision to leave.

living on a double decker bus with a "shepherd" who beat his wife and kids, while at the same time fucking one of the "ya's" on board.

When i finally got the courage to call and tell my parents that this high ranking official was an alcholic and a wife beater...they said that i could write to "mamma" and they would pray for me.

like that would help.

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Fury - Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I am not so sure I personally consider those people who have something to hold over the group that get's the group's attention fortunate, at least Karma-wise. I realize you said lucky, maybe there is luck there, but in all of my violated soul and raped body I still do not envy the Karmic position of one who was an adult conspirator and who the group is scared of.

The thing is so many of us who were their child victims actually have so much to hold over the group, so many atrocities, but this does not get the group's attention and I don't think it will without legal action. In our case, instead of paying us not to speak out they denied, slandered, libeled and maligned us when we told of their deeds.

"James Penn" says the group pays those they are afraid of. I think the group has been very sloppy and stupid to not be afraid, very afraid, of their abused children. We grew up, contrary to plan.

192 accounts.
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