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Friday, January 30, 2009    

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The old me -- Spring

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The old me -- Spring

Welcome to Moving On -- The website created by and for young adults with parents who joined the religious organization The Family / Children of God. Pull up a chair and stay awhile -- Browse, read, rant, write, whatever.

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Created: July 23, 2001


Jules, May 15, 2008, 11:31
And we’re back
I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.

If you posted anything on here on May 13 or 14, you may notice your content is missing. Sorry about this. The database was rolled back to May 12 and anything posted here after that is gone and will need to be re-posted.

Other Links

Davidito's video -- Full version of Ricky Rodrigeuz's video online. Please note that this contains disturbing content. -- Articles, bulletin boards and a variety of information related to the Family. Mostly First Generation former members on this site.

ExFamilyYouth -- An email group for young people both in and out of the Family. Started by Xeena.

Isot Survivor's -- An excellent website for exI'SOTs. I'SOT is a tiny version of TF, created at about the same time and location, and similarly oppressive and abusive.

More Than Meets the Eye -- Information on the Family Care Foundation, Activated Ministries and Aurora Productions. -- A web site set up and censored by The Family for their Members to write their opinions of us and recent events. A current member stated that: " was a site opened for the purpose of allowing the people with POSITIVE views to express them to a great cyber audience, including the media! It was not for people who are full of nothing but grudge, hate and negativity." -- was created to provide a forum for uncensored commentary on articles posted at -- Interactive Web site for young people in the Family.

No Regrets: Why I left the Family -- Articles from James Penn, former WS staff member

The Judgement of Lord Justice Ward -- Final judgement from the 1995 custody case in the UK. -- An encyclopedia about The Family that is collaboratively edited.

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International Memorial Day for second generation

from Falcon - January 28, 2008
RISE International is planning a worldwide memorial day on August 10, 2008 to commemorate the deaths of children and adults born and/or raised in cults. (read article)
(3 comment/s on this article)

Custody Battle in San Diego Won!

from sarafina - November 29, 2007
I don't know what to say, but this says it all! Watch the video.

(read article)
(156 comment/s on this article)

Still Mad As Hell!

from madly - February 26, 2007
The following are excerpts from a letter written to my sister who is currently still a member of TF: (read article)
(36 comment/s on this article)

Allegations of Apologies

from Lauren - April 27, 2006

This started out as a post and grew too long. The original article to which it would have been attached is: "Official Apologies Tendered by Family Leadership to Current and Former Family Members" found at:

Any Family writing that I quote not otherwise identified is pulled from that link. Nay Sayers and Family members, please refer to your own hard copies in your own home libraries before slinging accusations of "pulling out of context". (read article)
(9 comment/s on this article)

An Open letter to The Family from some of their children

from Jules - January 23, 2005

Below is an open letter to the Family which was sent to me by Sarafina, along with her comments below. If you would like to add your name or initials to this letter, please do so here or email me at or Sarafina at This letter is being sent to the media and The Family, with the request that it be published on their internal website and in publications for their members.

The letter can be downloaded here: (MS Word - 32 Kb)

********************* (read article)
(159 comment/s on this article)

HOW IT STARTED-brief history of a cult family.

from moon beam - November 18, 2004

As I was reading whatever1037's article I thought to post a comment on the early years, when I remembered that, when I was about 14, I wrote about my past experiences as a kind of way to deal with my bizzare childhood. So instead of just a comment I thought I'd post part of what I had written. (read article)
(10 comment/s on this article)

Scribes and Pharisees

from Banshee - January 21, 2004

Please read my disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I wrote this a little while back, had a little rage to work out, and so I kind of “vented” by writing this. I didn’t post it because I know that most of what I have written has been written before, and by people with a much better language grasp than me. So I know that you have read it all before, possibly too many times, especially for those of you who have been on this site longer than others. But when I read it again recently, I thought I’d go ahead and post it anyway, just to help do my part to keep reminding the Family that we have not forgotten, as much as they wish we would. :)

Also, read at your own risk: there are Bible verses in the text. The reason for this is because the Family claims to follow the Bible, so you have to use the Bible on them sometimes. (read article)
(54 comment/s on this article)

Plagiarized Art?

from Tim R - November 21, 2003
Does The Family Plagiarize their Art? (read article)
(102 comment/s on this article)

Character Assasination No More

from cassy - February 11, 2003
After spending 27 years in the group, I had no desire to spend another minute wasting my time on it, however, I can't sit by and let another person be "character assassinated" once more. (read article)
(56 comment/s on this article)

Do you feel stuck in the Family and want out?

from Jules - January 15, 2003
An SG former member (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent me the following article with the suggestion that it be posted on this site.
I am not the author of this article, however, there are IMO, some good ideas in here for people who would like to leave the Family. I know it would have been helpful to me to have thought my own departure process through a little more. (read article)
(80 comment/s on this article)

Have you been abused?

from anovagrrl - December 27, 2002
I did my dissertation on definitions of child abuse. I know something about the subject that may be of help to you. (read article)
(13 comment/s on this article)


from Albatross - December 6, 2002
Letter to Zerby # 2 (read article)
(110 comment/s on this article)

Trading Your Children for Lost Souls

from Prisma - November 21, 2002
To all of you who sincerely believe that you are serving God and are saving lost souls please consider the following: (read article)
(76 comment/s on this article)

Freedom for All

from Jules - October 5, 2002
What is Apostasy?
Webster’s dictionary defines an apostate as: "one who has forsaken the faith, principles, or party to which he before adhered; especially, one who has forsaken his religion for another; renegade." (read article)
(15 comment/s on this article)


from Jules - September 19, 2002
You took my innocence,
But you cannot touch my idealism. (read article)
(32 comment/s on this article)

An Open Letter to Non Ex-Family: who we are

from OrdinaryGuy - June 28, 2002
Did you stumble on this site and feel like you cant make sense of some stuff? Dont worry, I suspect many of us feel the same way with the new lives we are trying to build outside the group called The Family that we were born into. Just wanted to give a little background if it helps. (read article)
(157 comment/s on this article)

We have no past

from Albatross - June 6, 2002
I wrote this when I left six years ago. It has more emotion than it does poetic skill, still, I have not been able to express better since. I also think that perhaps I've grown more optimistic over the years. (read article)
(42 comment/s on this article)

Life with Grandpa--the Mene Story.

from Ricky - June 4, 2002
"What Mene Berg went through was a form of torture…Maria and Peter stood by and watched it happen and approved of what was happening. They showed little more sensitivity and insight than their at times demented leader. They [The Family] must acknowledge that what David Berg did to his granddaughter was wrong, not just a mistake, but inexcusably wrong. [The Family] must atone for their treatment of her which I find to have been barbaric and cruel".

—The Judgment of Lord Justice Ward. (read article)
(320 comment/s on this article)

Maria Refuses

from Jules - January 6, 2002
Hi Jules,

This material was sent to me by some anonymous young people in the Family. They gave permission to distribute the file as is. The material may be of interest to your readers, so please post it on if you wish. Readers may download the file and circulate it, as long as they respect the authors' wishes that all three letters remain together and unedited. The James Penn material mentioned in the file can be downloaded at (read article)
(98 comment/s on this article)

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